Chapter 4

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“Should we wake her?” I heard a familiar Bradford accent ask. I kept my eyes closed as I felt two familiar strong arms wrap around me.

“No, I’ve got her.” I heard an accent I recognized as Liam’s say as he picked me up and carried me to what I assumed was our van. He sat us down in the seats with an arm around my waist. I instantly cuddled into his side and drifted into sleep as he played with my hair.


“Anna. Wake up hun.” I heard Liam say as he shook me. Somehow I ended up in our room. “LIIIIIIIIIAAAAM! Go away!!” I said throwing a pillow at him. He caught it and chuckled. “Why can’t you boys just let me have the satisfaction of hitting you?” I said referring to He and Louis.

“I was coming to wake you for super.” I shot up in bed instantly. He chuckled while I shot him a death stare. He slid his arm around my waist as we walked down the stairs.

“SHE’S AWOKEN!” Louis shouted. I gave him a death stare.

“I’m only awake because I was told there would be food.” I followed the five chuckling boys into the kitchen and found Harry had made tacos. We sat down at the table and started eating. I was at between Liam and Niall. “So Haz is good for something eh?” I joked raising an eyebrow. Harry rolled his eyes as the rest of the boys laughed. “So Anna, tell us about you.” Zayn said.

“Well, I’m eighteen. My full name is Annabelle Grace James. I’m from Mullinger, Ireland where I live with my mum, Katrina Grace James. I met my best friend, Jonathan Shane Woodley, when we were seven. I’ve been singing since before I could walk and I taught myself to play guitar, keyboards, drums, and bass guitar.”

“Wow.” Louis said.

“Any siblings?” Harry asked. This struck a nerve. I know he didn’t mean too but he did.

“Um, may I be excused?” I asked not even waiting for a response as I slid my chair out my face emotionless I walked to my room ignoring the confused looks the boys gave me. I walked into mine and Liam’s room and I grabbed the box of old photos from under my bed. I kept my memories of him there. I tried, I really did to keep the tears from falling but when I saw the photo of he and I at the beach, sticking our tongues out, his arm around my waist and mine lying on his right shoulder my hip jutted out, I couldn’t hold it in and my heart broke as I sifted through more photos, the silent tears falling. I missed him more than anything. Days like this, when everything was so surreal. When I realized that I was doing what I had always wanted. That I had made it. That I had finally gotten to where he always told me I’d go. I miss him more than ever and my heart breaks knowing that if he was just here right now, that it wouldn’t hurt to do this. Do what I love. What he loved. I know he’d be proud and I know he wouldn’t want me dwelling on the fact he’s not here to see me live our dream. We were going to make it big. He’d be a guitarist, me a soloist. We’d make it together. Follow our dreams together. Go where we always dreamed. But that all went out the window on July 10th, 2003. The day of the wreck. The day that changed lives and ended them. The day that I would never forget. Not ever.

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