Need for you

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I was sitting on my couch when I heard a knock at the door. Looking over at the clock, I realized it was 12:45 at night. Who would be here so late? I peered through the little hole in my door. Daniel. Thank god! I opened the door and he walked in.

“Aria! Where have you been?” He embraced me. His neck was in my neck. I smiled.

“I’ve been here, Daniel! What the hell are you talking about?” I stepped away from him and crossed my arms over my chest.

He came towards me while his hands reached out and cupped my face. “I know where you’ve been, babe. I’ve been with you for the past five years.”

This was true. He had been my best friend ever since we were thirteen. He was the only one who believed the whole incident. I trusted Daniel with all my heart. He was the only family I had. I giggled at his comment. I looked into his blue eyes. They were almost angelic. He could have been described as an angel. It was a breathtaking sight. He had shaggy blonde hair, tan skin, bright blue eyes, and an amazing body.

“Aria, I…I need you. I need you right here, right now.” His eyes locked with mine.

My stomach flipped over. He and I were best friends. Yeah we had kissed, but he never talked like this. He was acting strange.

“Da-Daniel. Wha-wha-what? You’re not yourself. Is everything alright?” I tried to get away from him, but his arms wrapped around my hips planting me to the spot. I searched his eyes. They looked…hungry. His pupil became smaller as I stared. Without a word, he moved his lips so that they were on mine. I stood there, surprised. No matter how much I struggled to get him off of me, he stayed put. I could resist but kissing him back. It just felt so…so right. I hadn’t ever realized how much I wanted Daniel. I was blind. A part of me was awakening when he pushed me to the ground. My back hit the floor with Daniel still on top of me. His lips left mine and went to my neck, leaving a trail behind. He slowly began to nibble at my neck as his hands reached up to my shirt. One by one, he was unbuttoning my shirt. I let out a slight moan and arched to him. He ripped open my shirt and started to unhook my bra. His hands massaged my breasts and I arched to him again. Oh god, oh god!

“Dan-“ I looked at his face. His one blue eyes were now turning to a light purple and his hair became darker by the second. Was I going crazy? This wasn’t right. How did? Oh no!

YOU! Get off of me! What do you think you are doing!?” I tried to get up from under his body. I failed at my attempt. It was he. The dark figure. The man with the violet eyes. The thing that gave me the mark.

“I told you. You are mine, Aria! You have been mine from the start. I have been watching you. When will you learn that you are never alone?” He licked his lips. I was filled with terror. He was going to hurt me. I didn’t want that again.

“Shhh shhh. It won’t hurt! Calm your mind.” He placed his hand on my head. Immediately, I was calm. I stopped panicking and just looked into his eyes.

“This is how it’s supposed to be, Aria, my love. I won’t hurt you.” I simply nodded as he reached down and took off my jeans. He grinned in delight. Now, all that was left was my flimsy pink underwear. His eyes grew big and he quickly began to undress. Then, we were both left only in our underwear. I looked at his muscular stomach. Damn, he was hot. No.. I didn’t mean that! He was.. he was.. I couldn’t even explain it.   

He leaned down and kissed me with a passion, that could not have been real. It felt so good. I felt the lust grow inside me begging for more. I pressed my self closer to him. His skin was blazing hot and it melted with mine. I didn't know what was going to happen next. I lost my mind entirely. I couldn't think, breath, or speak. Then, I felt it. He thrusted me upwards and I let out a scream. I moaned at the pain that turned into pleasure. This wasn't right. But, it felt so right. My mind said no, yet my body scream YES. The last thing I can remember was him collapsing on top of me. 

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