My One Thing (A One Direction FanFic)

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I will always remember the summer when I was 14 years old. The days were long and hot, and I mostly spent them with my best friend. During those three months, many laughs were shared, and jokes were made into memories that I will keep forever.

But what I will remember most from that summer was falling deeply in love. No, it was not a regular summer romance that you hear about with most teens. The whole summer I was unconditionally in love with five adorable teenage boys in the band One Direction. Some said that the feeling I had at that age would pass through time, but I claimed that I would always support them. And I will always remember swooning over these five boys from Europe, promising myself that I would meet them one day.

I have proven myself right.


Throughout my life, I have chased one passion: dancing. Ever since I was a toddler, I took dance lessons, and really found that I belonged performing on the stage in front of hundreds of people. So when I received the letter that I had gotten a scholarship to dance at the Royal Ballet in London for my career, I couldn't turn down that offer. After all, I have wanted to live in England for a while, even before my love of One Direction.

So here I am, in one of the massive studios at the Royal Ballet, rehearsing for one of our biggest performances. At age 19, I am fairly new to the job, just a backup for the lead for now. But it has been hard work so far, and as the rehearsal comes to a close, I feel like I have just swam in the Olympics. Just one more run through.

As our director starts the music, my senses come alive, and I just loose myself in the movement. The rest of the group and I twirl and jump across the stage and effortlessly as butterflies. We nail the number as we hit the final pose. Then we are excused, finally. I rush out of the studio, for Harry Styles is waiting for me in the lobby.

Yes, I did say Harry Styles. From One Direction. I can't believe it either. After years of being in love with him, I finally met him. I was casually eating chicken fingers in a small restaurant here in London, and in strolled a very familiar face with emerald eyes and fluffy curly locks of hair. I was speechless beyond description, for I had always know that I would run in with one of the members of the band in some point in my life.

And bam, Harry was seated at the table right next to me. I had no other choice but to say hello. Things went by so quickly after that, and it felt like I was in a trance. But somehow I walked out with his number and a feeling that we would become good friends. Once again, my predictions were right.

After my encounter with Harry, we kept in touch through the phone. We would talk for hours after my rehearsals and I would always contain my excitement while on the phone with him. After only meeting him once, I felt like something clicked between us. It wasn't romantic, but it was friendly.

So the day came when Harry called me and asked me if I wanted to meet the lads. Which left me in total shock. One Direction hadn't had much success in a while, so I was surprised that they were still best friends. But I had loved them for a lot of my life, so I was more than happy to accept to his offer.

And this was the day we had agreed on. Harry is supposed to be waiting in the lobby of the studio to pick me up and take my to his house to meet the boys, and I am ecstatic. My teenage dream is about to come true.

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