Less Twitter, More Family.

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Nialls' POV- Day after interview

"Paaauuullll, I'm hungry. Can't we just get some Nando's or something?" I complained. I'm hungry! Just feed me and I'll be happy!

"Niall, I will take you to whatever restaurant you lads and lassies can agree on...if you can sit down for a few minutes and listen." Paul said.


"Thank you. Anyways. Obviously you guys have the tour coming up. So before you guys are in the U.S. for a long time, you all are going to your homes to spend time with family. The flights are already booked, and families notified. Pack your bags, you all leave tomorrow! Alright, now we can go get food."


Juliets' POV

I laughed at my brothers childesh-ness. I was very lucky to get him as a sibling.

Now going home, though? I am very....nervous. Excited? Well, yeah. I want to see my mum and dad, and see what I can find on my biological family.

We all piled into the SUV and chattered away about going home, when all of a sudden.....

dun. dun dun. dun-dun-dun-dun. dun dun. (A/N: no. thats not enough. i know.)

You're insecure. Don't know what for.

We all sang along to the song as obnoxiously as we could and Harry sang it to me with funny faces, and we all laughed like maniacs as we the song finished and we climbed out to Nando's. We were put in the back for privacy and luckily, no one recognized us.

"So, Niall, Jewels. You excited to be going home?" Louis asked.

My brother and I looked at each other and then looked back.

"I'm excited to see everyone. But also nervous because now it's under different circumstances. I'm carrying their grandkids.." I trailed off.

"But we'll be able to spend some time looking for her biological family...who hopefully live in Ireland still." my brother continued.

"I wish I had a younger sibling. It's be so cool!" I said. After a little bit of small talk, our food came and we gobbled it up, Niall got more to take home, and we all headed back to the house to pack.

I went up to my room and looked at what to pack. I figured just all my maternity clothes. My mum and I would go shopping again in Mullingar. I pretty much just packed everything El bought me, with plenty of under stuff. I figured for the flight I'd just wear yoga pants or something of the sort, a sweatshirt and tennis shoes. I'd pack my bathroom needs in the morning... I heard my cell beep and pulled it out of my pocket.

New Message: Jake

Hey. Heard you were coming home for a bit. Mind if we meet up? Just a coffee or something; wanting to catch up. xx

I sighed and thought about for a second. Jake. He's okay.

To: Jake

Sure. I'll text you tomorrow when I get to Mullingar and we'll plan from there. Talk to you later. xx

I clicked my phone closed and went to see what Niall was doing.

I walked down the hall and knocked on his door.

"Come in!" he yelled.

I opened the door and...did he have a floor?

"Uhm. Niall. Did a bomb go off in here?"

"No, I'm just tying to find stuff to pack."

"Niall, we're going on tour after going home. Pack like....well everything you can."

"Yes, mum." he said, then sticking his tongue out at me.

"Okay, whatever bro, haha. I'm gonan go check on Harry....by the way. Remember Jake?"

"Oh yeah, he's a cool guy. Why?"

"I'm meeting him for coffee when we get home."

"Oh cool. Now go check on your boyfriend."

I walked out and went even more up the hall, and Harry's door was wide open.

"Knock knock."

"Heeeyy, there's my girl." he said. He came over and kissed my forehead while holding my hands. I smiled.

"Okay dork. Are you packing?"

"Yep. Just trying to find my other suitcases so I can continue packing." he said while look around.

"Check the closet?" That's where I always put mine...but that's just me.

He turned around, raised an eyebrow at me, then walked into his closet. Afte a few seconds of rummaging, he walked out with...two other suitcases.

"I win!" throwing my hands in the air and laughing.

He too then stuck his tongue out at me and I sat on his bed..that was made.

"So the one day I make my bed, you sit on it?"

"The beds comfier than the floor!"

"Ha, okay, princess. You wanna at least help me pack?"

"mmmm.... okay." I proceeded to fold everything in sight in case he wanted it, and after about an hour and a half, he was mostly done.

"Alrighty, princess. Go rest. I can finish this up." He kissed me on the lips and I went downstairs. I grabbed a Pepsi can out of the fridge, and went to watch some TV. I heard a phone go off before I sat down and look around. It was the kitchen counter, and it was Harrys'.

"Harry! Your phone is ringing!" No answer, so I went ahead and answered it, even though I didn't look at who was calling.

"Harrys' phone!"

"Is Harry available?"

"He's packing at the moment, can I take a message?"

"Just tell him I was looking forward to seeing him tonight, but it'll just have to happen at some other time I guess." and then the woman hung up. The name said Caroline, but I couldn't come up with who she was.

But what the hell did she mean by seeing him tonight?


dun dun dun.

Uhm. Yep. :)


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