Harry Styles. Child of Anne Cox. Known for withholding 15% of world's economy and is well-known by all. Nothing can be better than that. Right? Well, meet Harry Styles. An 18 year-old who has been isolated from the real world, and is instead living in the place where nothing is real. Everything he has been accustomed to has all been planned. The friends he make, the school he goes to.. everything.. except for his talented voice, and beautiful complexion. Anne made a safe-haven for Harry thinking that it would be better for him to live in a world where everything went like he wanted. Well guess what? He hated the idea. He wanted to feel failure, he wanted to have a taste of the real world, and most of all he wanted freedom. So that's why, on his 18th birthday while his mum is in a bussiness trip, he simply 'ran away'.

Meet Louis Tomlinson. Son of Jay Tomlinson. Anne's business rival and holds also 15% of the world's economy. Louis also belonged in a famous boyband who is recording secretly on the internet getting billions of fans. They chose to remain hidden because they couldn't find the right vocalist who can harmonize all their voices. One day on his way home, he sees the lost dog Harry walking unknowingly around the streets with a blank look on his face. And Louis being the gentleman himself, chose to take Harry in not knowing who the lad was, and not caring for his status. He felt literally drawn to Harry.

Will things work out when Louis find out about Harry's situation? or will they both crash and burn while developing special feelings for another?

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