Chapter Five: breakup and saying sorry

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Harry's POV:

When I walked in the door with Cassie close behind me, I saw Niall and Austin cuddled up on the couch.! I don't know what it bothered me so much, I mean I have a girlfriend, but I think I was jealous? No, that can't be, cus I'm with Cassie.

Once I was done yelling at Niall I was into my room and slammed the door shut right in Cassie's face then I locked it. I wasn't in the mood to talk to her right now, and don't get me wrong I really like Cassie, but after a while her voice gets annoying.

But then I heard Cassie yelling at someone. Why would she yell at anyone? The lads don't like her enough as it is. But i don't see why, shes nice and wouldn't hurt a fly. It was weird to hear her yelling so I got up to see who she's yelling at, but once I was in the hallway I couldn't believe it.

Cassie was screaming in Austin's face telling her to leave and that no one wants her here. The last time I checked, Cassie doesn't even live here, so what gives her tha right to tell anyone to leave. But then in happened.

Cassie slapped Austin. And she must've hit her pretty damn hard because it knocked Austin to the ground. I ran over to Austin to see her eyes fluttering closed, she must hit her head when she fell. I looked at Cassie to see her smiling. "Cassie.! Why the hell did you do that?!" she seemed stunned that I yelled at her, I was too, but I wasn't done yet, Cassie wasn't who I thought she was...and I think I need to end things with her.. Right as I was about to start talking again, Cassie started,

"what? She started it, she tried telling me to leave and that no one wanted me here" wow. She's lying straight to my face. Then she started "crying". "oh Harry, she just kept yelling at me, and telling me I'm a slut. It was terrible. And besides that bitch deserved it. She's trying to steal you away from me." she said still fake crying and trying to hug me, "uhm no. You listen to me Cassie. I know you're lying, I came out of my room when I heard yelling and you were telling her those things. So you can stop being a fake bitch and get out of my flat cus we're through.!"

Her face was filled with shock and as she turned on we heal to walk out the door but once she reached it she turned back around and said "you'll regret ever breaking up with me" and with that she tribe back around and walked out the door.

I immeditly ran over to Austin who was unconscious on the ground and gently lifted her up and carried her to my room and laid her on my bed and got Liam to fetch me an ice pack for her head....I hope she wakes up soon...

Austin's POV:

As I was starting to come to I remembered all that had happen, Cassie Harry getting mad, Cassie slapping me, and me falling back. And then I realized how much my head was hurting me. And I felt somthing squeezing my hand so I slowly opened my eyes to see a curly mess of haired boy holding onto my hand while looking out the window.

"Harry?" I spoke so softly that I could hardly hear my own voice, but he did because the moment I spoke he turned his head to face me and a smile washed onto his face. I looked at him and saw that it looked as if he had been crying...? "you're awake" he said gently. "I guess, how long was I out for?" I asked, my voice still quiet. "about 3 days" wow.! That long? It seemed as if it were only a few hours

"really? Wow that's a long time.!" he just smiled at me "I've been worried about you, we had a doctor come but he said that you'll wake up on your own. So how's your head does it hurt at all?" he asked with a concerned expression on his face. "only a little bit" I lied because he seemed worried enough, it actually felt like someone was repetivly hitting my head with a hammer. But he didn't by it, I'm sure he coul see the pain in my eyes. "really?"

"uhm no. It hurts a ton" I said wincing when I tried moving because pain shot into my head once again. "I'll go get you some pain relief medicine the doctor described for you" he said while standing up and placing a gentle kiss on my head before heading out the door.

When he came back in he had a glass of water in one hand and a bottle of pills in the other. He handed me the glass and started reading how many I'm supposed to take on the label "it says your supposed to take 2 pills every 12 hours" he said while handing me 2 of the round pills.

Once they started to take the pain from my head away, I decided to ask about Cassie "shouldn't you be with Cassie?" I asked while playing with the sheets on the bed. "no I broke up with her" now that supposed me. "you did? Why?"

"because once I saw her hit you I knew she wasn't good for me" I was still looking down at the sheets when I felt the bed sag next to me showing he had sat down. And I felt 2 strong arms wrap themselves around me pulling me into a hug and also on his lap, I wrapped my arms around him and layed me head against him and just took in the perfect moment we were having. "I'm so happy you're okay" he whispered in my ear, his comment only made me smile more and blush a bit.

After a few more minutes of us just hugging Harry started to talk again "so erm do you uh wanna you know uhm hang out with me today?" awee he was nervous:D so I turned to look up at hi

"I'd love to" I said with a bright smile on my face.

After walking back to my flat I decided what to wear. I decided on a pair on black hot pants (high waisted shorts) a floral tank shirt, brown shoes, my leather cross body bag, and a pair of aviator sunglasses.

And right after I finished getting dressed Harry knocked on the door and he was wearing a grey beanie, jeans and a grey shirt. "you look beautiful" he whispered in my ear when I have him a hug, his comment made my smile grow 10x bigger and my cheeks turn a crimson red.

As I tried to back away from the hug he just held onto me tighter and whispered somthing else into my ear "I'm sorry you got hurt because of me" he thought that he was the reason I was hurt?! "Harry, I'm sure Cassie would've hit me no matter what, she didn't seem to like me all that much to begin with" and I kissed his cheek and grabbed his hand pulling him towards his car. That got him to brighten up.


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