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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Liam's P.O.V~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Liam, Liam!" I could hear Loius and Zayn trying to get me to talk but I couldn't this, could not have been true!

 "Hey guys, Niall's taking Lily out to eat on a date so he'll be home late." I got up ran to the door as Harry grabbed me and looked into my eyes and I know he could tell I was upset as I felt a single tear roll down my face, and then he took my elbow and then led me to the couch

 "Liam, tell me whats wrong," He said slowly as I looked into his green orbs and stated,

 "She's my twin,' he looked confused and then I offically stated, 'My mother called me to say that she's my twin, my mom wasn't ready to have two babys at the same time, and she only wanted three kids, so she decided that she would keep one and give the other up for adpotion, her and my father decided to keep the oldest, but when we were born and they named her, Lily Jayne Payne, they found out I had a kidney problem, they didn't want me to go to a stranger,' I looked around to see everybody's jaw open, catching flys,

'Even though I was younger they didn't let me go,' I wiped a tear away from my eyes, 'They gave her away to an American couple, that were trying and trying to have children, but they couldn't and then they asked if they could change her name but my mum wouldn't let them, and then my name she said was what she always wanted to name her son, Liam James, 

"Liam, umm I don't know what to say," Zayn told me as he tried to comfort me and then I got up and walked towards the door and they looked at me, I opened the door, turned around, then said, "My sisters and family knew about this but one of my family members still doesn't,' they looked confused, 'Lily's not  going to be Lily Jayne Stiles anymore, she's going to be a Payne, my older sister, and her name will be Lily Jayne Payne." I told them as I walked out the door and then called Niall to see where he was and then he stated, 

"Lily's dad needs to talk to her so were at his hotel room," At that I started running down the street and kept going tell I saw a group of improv fans outside of the hotel chanting for Lily, I ran in up the stairs as the group of people tried to grab me and I ran up til I passed the 7 floor heard a scream,

"You lied to me!" I could tell it was Lily, "Honey, please listen to me they had to do that," Her father, well 'father figure' tried to calm her down,

"No!' She yelled as she walked out of the door, but then turned around quickly, as Niall barely made it out of the door, 'You lied to me!' she yelled as she was wiping tears from her face, 'You told me that I was your daughter for almost 19 years! My birthdays tomorrow! And I have to spend it with my actual family, not you, you told me the reason I didn't look like you or mom was because I looked like your great grandmother, were you ever going to tell me?'

She asked and before he could answered I heard her say, 'Were you ever going to tell me! I would've been okay with it but you only told me because my mother fianlly found me! You are a sick man,' she wiped away more sobs,

'You'll never have my trust again, when we get back home to America I'm going to college, after this little world tour for comedy is over, I don't need anything to do with you or mom! You son of a bitch!"

"You watch your mouth young lady!" I heard him say as she closed the door and sobbed,

"You are a bastard, dad, wait I meant Ryan since you've lied to me, listen I wish the best, will I preform on the show, yes, but you won't see me before or after the show anymore because my real family needs me and tomorrow for my birthday I'm going there and staying the night with my siblings!" 

"Wait one other thing!' He yelled as he walked out grabbed her hand and pointed at me and said, "Your not just siblings with him, he's your twin,' Then he told her the story as she broke down, I walked over there and pulled her into a ungreatful hug, even though she was my sister I still don't respect what she did to our band and made fun of us numorus times. She needed me right now, more than I'll ever know.

"Take me to your home please." She begged Niall and he picked her up brial style and took her to the lobby were we called a taxi and she never stopped crying,

"Liam?' I looked over at her bloodshot eyes, 'How's our family?" I told her about every memory I've had and about all my times I've had been bullied by kids and her life's the same way, she's always been picked on because of her light brown curly hair and brown eyes, it was weird,

She did look the female verison of  me and, I probably looked like the guy version of her and then when I meantioned her sisters she squealed, she was an only child and she always as with boys when she worked so she was very pleased to hear about Ruth and Nicole, but then she went on and on about the pitcher for her college team and her name was also Nicole and we cracked up together until we arrived, she went quiet and Niall and Zayn shared a room so she could have a bed and I went in to check on her  and she was crying,

"Lily are you okay?' She looked at me and asked, 'How long did you know we were related,?" I told her today and she put her head on my shoulder and cried softly until she fell asleep I laid her down on the bed and she just looked so torn and broke, I left and then I heard her cry some more,


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