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- CH.14 -

~ Eunice's POV ~

"I'm pruney now." I showed her my hands. She showed me hers too. We both laugh. "Can you believe that we're dating Harry&Niall?"

"We're really dating them? I thought it was only just a dream." I laughed. "Well that's nice."

"Very nice." We laughed. "How long do you think they'll stay in the water?"

"Maybe, another hour." We were eating. "At least we get some girl time."

"Yup, wanna walk around?" We got up&Walked away from where the guys are.

~ Niall's POV ~

"Hey, Harry, where are our girls going?" I pointed at the girls.

"Probably just walking around." Then Harry turned to the others&Started playing in the water again.

"Then why are they with other guys?"

"What other guys?" I pointed at the 2 guys with the girls. "What the f- Niall let's go."

We ran towards the girls.

~ Arielle's POV ~

"Hey Arielle." A tall guy hugged me &Hugged Eunice. &The other tall guy did the same. "Eunice, long time no see."

"Hey big bro. Why are you here?" The tall guys were my big bros.

"Yea, I thought you guys were in Hong Kong Working?" Eunice said.

"Got a week off so we decided to go back to England." One of them said.

"So I'll see you at home later?"

"Yeap, enjoy your time here ladies. See you guys later." Then the 2 guys left.

"They've grown so much." I nodded. We decided to walk the other way. Then we saw Harry&Niall, with their hands crossed.

"Who were those guys?" Harry asked Eunice. He looked mad.

"No one. Just friends." Eunice looked scared.

"Friends? You sure? Or is that Leo?" Harry was really mad now. Niall isn't talking to me nor making eye contacts.

"Niall, you okay?" Niall looked down. Harry couldn't even meet Eunice's eyes anymore so he looked down too.

"What has gotten into you?" Eunice finally spoke after being shouted by Harry. Her eyes were filled with tears. She doesn't like fighting with people she love.

"Because. I don't want anyone stealing you away from me. You're mine. Only mine. I don't want to share you with anybody else." Harry said still looking down. Eunice's face turned pink.

"I'm just scared that you'll leave me like the girls who did before you." Niall finally spoke. I smiled.

Me&Eunice hugged our boyfriends. They hugged us back.

"I'm sorry for shouting at you." Harry hugging Eunice very tightly. Then they kissed.

"I'm sorry for ignoring you." Then we kissed.

We walked back to wear the others were. &Started eating.

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