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Niall's POV

"are you dead serious niall?!?! She's awake now?"

"uhh.... Yeah? Would i be calling you if im lying?"

"im coming right now

Then probably harry hung up on me "well....he's on his way now stacie" i said while walking to my chair before i can walk stacie said"no dont go! Please stay with me first i just woke up and you are living me that fast" i didnt mean to "well im sorry..." i said i walked towards her bed and looked at her "what?"

"nothing.....you know harry missed you so much..." she looked at me and rolled her eyes at me "well if he missed me that much harry should be in your place right now! But thank you for taking care of me" she smiled at me i smiled back you know what? I missed that smile that wide smile hmm.....

"wait!.... WHERE's ELLA?!?!" she said while trying to stand up

"calm down stacie! She's in her room she only has wounds not as critical as your condition" i said while patting her head "thank god shes safe" then a loud bang..... Harry's here well i need to go cause i might get jealous and i hate it i stood up glared at harry then walked out i need to get stacie out of my head so i wont get hurt again

Harry's POV

When i arrived stacie's room i saw niall sitting beside her well.... I felt a pang of jealousy but when im about to aproach niall he stood up and walked away what's wrong with him? "hi harry!" stacy said in a shakey voice "stacie?!?!?" i ran to her bed and hugged her "i missed you so much stacie" i sadi while burrying my face in her hair "i miss you more harry...." she said while touching my curls. i stood up and gave her a kiss on her forhead then i sat beside her bed "harry.... have you been crying?" i guess she noticed my red puffy eyes "uhh...well....i dont want to lie but yes..." i looked away i dont want her to look down on me cause of my feelings "but why?" she said while looking confused "becaus...uhhh..." i cant tell her my feelings this may affect our relationship "because??" 

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!!I LIKE YOU EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!,i love you okay,i love you..." damn brain!!!

stacie's POV

YOU WHAT?!?!?!?!?! oh no.... "why would you cry if you love me?? are you concerned that i wont love you back?? that i dont like you?? harry i liked you since the day we met!! the day you slept with me the day i cooked you turkey the kiss on the interview.cant you see that i get hurt every time i hear rumors about you dating I LOVE YOU!! i cant just say that infront of you cause this may aff- but then he kissed me to stop me this kiss was passionate not just a kiss on the lips this one has a spark in it harry stopped kissing me and smiled real big

"would you be my girlfriend??" i smiled at him looking shocked "YES I WILL!!"

i hugged him tight i am so happy right now!


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