Chapter 6~

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Chapter 6~

Jessica's P.O.V

"Honey, we are the real band" Liam whispered.

Em and I just stood there, gobsmacked. The famous boy band that everyone loved stood right in front of us. The band that played on all the radio channels known to man. I took another look at them. They look just like regular teenagers, except maybe a little bit more handsome. I wonder who's single.

" That would be all of us except Liam" Lou answered. "I just got out of a relationship" he muttered the last part.

I blush like crazy. I did not just say that out loud. I can't believe I said that out loud! I just embarrassed myself. No wonder Emma's my only friend... Well I also have Chloe but she's very busy,and it's not like she's my best friend. I better change the topic, Lou's looking a bit down due to his single status.

"Who wants to dance?!" I scream

"Yeah!!" all the boys and Emma cheer. "WAIT." Zayn stops us all, causing Emma to bump her head in mine.

"Two things. Number one, there's no good music since this place is posh."

We all groan. Zayn has a point, this place is really fancy and is full of adults slow dancing. They only invited the guys because the hotel had the money. They were practically the only song good for dancing.

"And second of all, we have to play hide and seek!"

This made our groans turn to grins.

"partner or single?" Emma calls out.

"well, we're even if there's one seeker, and we never really play partners. So how bout partners?" Liam answers. Everyone nods and agrees to play partners.

" The teams are : Emma and Niall, Harry and Zayn, and Jessie and Me!" Lou calls out

"couldn't you have put me with a girl BooBear?" Harry whines.

" No can do Hazza! I already picked the teems! Now Liam count to 60!"


Lou grabs my hand and drags me to the gift shop of the hotel. He looks around before grabbing 2 different feather masks. What is going on?

"what are you-" I tried to ask.

"sshhhhh, speak later!" his hand over my mouth, causing my words to sound like mumbles. He runs to the cash register, my hand still tightly in his, pays and sprints to the dance floor, where he passes me a green and black mask. I put it on not questioning him, and he puts his on. He was now wearing a black and white feathered mask. He puts his arms on my sides and I put my arms around his neck, finally getting the plan. We were supposed to blend in with the posh people, and I have to admit this was a great plan.

" you may now speak" he stated with a smile.

His smiles were so nice and sweet, they could light up the whole room.

"We're supposed to blend in aren't we?" I asked smiling.

He just nodded, so we continued to sway in the center of the room. I rest my head under his shoulder. After 5 minutes of Dancing I looked into his eyes.

"21 questions?" I asked

"Sure. How old are you?" he responded

"17 going on 18 in a month. How old are you?"

"20. Do you have any siblings?"

" No, not unless you count my fat cat Lou" I stifled a laugh.

" you named your fat cat after me? That is just too sweet you know!" he replied putting a hand on his heart.

"I did not name him after you, thank you very much! I've had him for 10 years!" I replied hitting his arm lightly.

We went on and on about our lives at every question we answered. After finishing our questions, we went back to the dance floor. 20 minutes later we decided to go back where we started, in a hallway backstage, to see if the others were there.

Sure enough they were all there sitting in a circle. Once we arrived they looked at us and explained why they were there.

" you see, I found Niall and Emma under the curtains backstage because they were talking too loud. And I found Harry and Zayn in the washroom because Zayn was fixing his hair-"

" Hey, it takes time to look this good!" Zayn interrupted pointing to his hair.

"anyways, we all looked for you guys but you were nowhere to be seen! So we decided to come back here hopping that you would both come back and meet us here. But it took you too long so we started a game of truth or dare. Nice masks by the way." Liam finished.

"do you want to join our evil little game?" Harry asks trying to raise an eyebrow. I laughed at his failed attempt to look evil. He just couldn't do it, he had to look cute. They all did.

" Yes! I want in! Are you playing Jess?" Louis asks taking a seat next to Niall and Harry. I guess I should play, it sounds fun. I will so humiliate them. I smile and sit between Niall and Lou.

"Sure" I say as innocently as I can. They are in for a ride.


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