Chapter 43

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Zoey’s POV

I knew the question was coming, but I couldn’t help but close my eyes and think of him again. I just didn’t want to answer Bryce’s question.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Bryce’s dark ones holding an expression I couldn’t read. He knew the answer to his own question, and I bit my lip in anticipation of what his reaction would be. My stomach suddenly felt queasy.

“Boyfriends? Are you implying I can have more than one at a time?” I teased lightly. My smile was tense and I knew that he knew I was trying to lighten the mood. My change of subject didn’t fly past him though.

“What happened?” he asked. I turned away from Bryce’s curious and concerned eyes. if I opened my mouth to talk, I felt like the waterfalls would begin again immediately and this time, literally in front of the entire school.

“Not today, Bryce. Please.” He set his mouth into a grim line after hearing the tiredness in my voice. I was surprised myself; I didn’t think thinking would bring upon exhaustion.

He sighed. “Fine. Not today. I would ask other people, but I want to know what happened from you. Okay?” I smiled at Bryce. Always being the considerate one, he knew when to stop pushing and when to ask questions.

After talking a bit more, we decided to go back in and finish the rest of the day. I was really excited to show Bryce around my home and show him the cool parts of the neighborhood. There was so much to do in Oakwood and if I could have Bryce for the next two weeks, I was going to make those two weeks worth it.

If only I had known what was waiting for me at home…

Eric’s POV

“Have you guys heard about the party at Luke’s on Friday? Apparently everyone is invited! We just have to go!”

I grit my teeth in response to this remark. I had had it up to here with Anna’s snarky attitude and party nonsense; that was all she ever cared about! For the past month, I had been going to party after party. Before the third party, I told her to stop dragging me to those stupid parties but she grabbed her phone and said she would shut down Dad’s clinic in a heartbeat. I know my parents felt sorry for me for putting up with this, but they were trying their best to get me out of the mess; until then, I had to hold it out with my fake relationship.

I scoffed. Relationship wasn’t the right word to describe what I was in. I was miserable, especially going to these parties. There were a bunch of teenagers getting drunk and throwing up. Every time Anna shoved me a glass of who knows what, I would go to the bathroom, dump the contents out, and fill the cup with water to keep up appearances; who knew, she may have castrated me because I wasn’t acting ‘cool’.

I didn’t even understand the point of these parties. The crazy bitch wanted to rub all this in Zoey’s face. What was she accomplishing by taking me to parties where Zoey wasn’t even around?

The headache whirling in my brain intensified as thoughts of Anna’s intentions floated their way to the top. Just when I thought my headache couldn’t get any worse, well, it did.

“There is this hot, new transfer student, have you heard?” One of Anna’s minions asked. I rolled my eyes. Another dumb blonde for the following.

“Yeah, he’s so yummy. Tall and handsome. Totally delish!” Another exclaimed. Suddenly, I paid attention. The transfer student was a he?

Another minion nodded eagerly. “Yeah! He’s so good looking and he’s a surfer too. Plus, his eyes-“

This time, Anna’s green eyes flashed up toward Minion 3. “What did you say?”

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