Training the Alpha Ch:7

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I honestly didn't think my life could go any worse then it was on Friday. Thinking about it right now I was dead wrong.

Jackson decided it be fun to pester me all week. I don't want to sound rude but he was constantly on my back that i couldn't even go to the ladies room with out him walking in there and talk to me through the stalls.

Like really? I enjoy his company because without him i'd be a total loner and that wasn't me. But someone breathing down my neck wasn't either.

That for some reason pissed Adam off which made him walk up to me on Tuesday and i told him it wasn't my fault. He stormed off and as a reply he made it his mission to lodge his tongue and dry hump every girl in the school in front of me.

To think my only safe haven was also taken from me when mom decided to take the week off and point out all the imperfections in the house including me.

Bunny, bunny has been acting weird. When ever Jackson comes over he'll look at him for a minute then resume doing what he's been doing all week, lay down and stare off in space with a serious look on his face.

He disappears at random times and when i wake up he's always gone. I thought it was normal since he is a wild animal but i couldn't stop this horrible feeling that was stirring in my stomach.

The last time this happened was two days before me and Adam broke up but i waved it off. I feel so stupid because once again. I dismissed it and ended up feeling heart broken.

It was Friday night and I was feeling queasy. The stupid week was over but i haven't seen bunny all day. He always pops in every now and then.

Right now I was reading an E-book on my laptop in bed called Love like a delinquent (Real story on wattpad that you should read if you haven't) and bunny is always home for me to read him the next chapter.

Not being able to concentrate I closed my laptop and stood up. I walked down the stairs and grimaced as my mom was working on the dinner table.

So much for taking the week off for relaxing. i tried to slip passed her when she called in a stern voice, "Stephanie, come over here." I cursed under my breath and plastered a fake smile as I turned to look at her.

As you could probably tell I don't have a good relationship with my mom or dad. I barely got to see either one and when i did it wasn't real pleasant. My mom always criticizes me and tells me how i should be more like "Lizzy." If i wanted to be more like Lizzy i would of joined a strip club or circus.

The only achievement i've done in her eyes was get Adam to stay by my side for so long.When i saw my dad it be a short hello or nod then straight to his study. Can't you just feel the love oozing off of them?

With Lizzy? That's a different story. Everything she did was like Grammy worth. When she got her first car it was because she got her first A and that was because i answered almost the whole test for her. I had to buy my own because I needed to learn "responsibility."

"Where are you going at this hour?" She demanded as she tossed her work on the desk.

"I'm going to go look for bunny in the backyard." I answered her honestly knowing if I lied she'd start ranting a lecture I didn't feel like listening. She crossed her arms and started to shake her head, "No your not, your staying here. Let that filthy mutt out there."

My mouth dropped open in shock. "Bunny is not some mutt mum. I'm going to go find him." I tried to say as gently as i could with out lashing out at her. I don't know why but I really didn't like her dissing bunny like that.

I was almost out the back door when she said calmly, "You walk out that back door and your grounded for a month." I paused. She might not be around much but when she was she showed no mercy when grounding us, especially me.

I gritted my teeth and looked at her like she grew a second head. Man i wanted to ripe her head off. I shook my had and stormed off into my room, making sure to slam the door. I jumped on my bed and thought about it.

Regret soon washed over me. I was acting like a five year old who didn't get her way and was throwing a tantrum. Maybe everyone was right, I might have the body of a seventeen year old but the wisdom and maturity of a five year old.

I left my door wide enough for bunny to slip in when ever he came back and tried to fall asleep.


It was 6 in the the morning and i couldn't blink an eye afraid bunny would pop his head in then leave. For the last six months I grew accustom to using him as a body pillow and a heater I couldn't sleep.

Knowing I would just be laying in bed i stood up and walked down stairs. I slipped on my slippers and with the most ninja way i could went outside. I closed the door silently and went to the woods I found bunny.

I had an itching feeling that i'd find him were i did the first time. I ran past the clearance, the river and slowed down when i was near the same place.

I had to give my sixth sense a lot more credit then it got because after a few minutes I found a big black wolf. I was about to catch up to him and call him when i saw another wolf.

I froze, right now i deserved a pat in the back. The wolf that was having a stare down with bunny was  a chihuahua compared to him. Okay i was exaggerating but bunny was twice as big as it and it wasn't small either.

It was a bright tiger orange color with brown random spots. There staring contest seems to have ended because bunny nodded his head and began to walk away with the orange one behind him.

I made that my opportunity to reveal my self from my hiding place. In a flash bunny turned around and snarled ready to attack when he noticed it was me. 

The orange one seemed on edge and was going to attack me if it whern't for bunny who growled at him and snapped his teeth in his face. The orange one glared at him with pure hate but obeyed.

"Bunny," I whispered as I felt tears threatnong to slip from my eyes. His usual happy, bright red eyes were dull and sad. 

He nudged the other wolf and they backed away into the forest. Even though bunny couldn't say anything I knew what he meant, he just said good bye.

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