Chapter 15: The Refreshing battle in Karuizawa

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-Karuizawa, Kosei Pov- 

"Thank you very much! I hope you have a good day." Haruhi said as she held the door open for exiting guests. "Haruhi I didn't know that you were so good with guest services." I said walking up to her. "Yea, I have worked at this Bed and Breakfast every summer! So I'm used to it. I'm glad you were able to come with me." She said. "I'm glad I'm able to actually get paid for my piano playing. I'm glad your boss, Misuzu, needed one. Although I can only stay for these two weeks." I said following her into the dining area. "He's glad you can even be here for for two weeks, but you will be spending the rest of the summer in your hometown right?" I nodded. "Yea, I miss my friends and all. So I'm glad I will be able to spend the summer with them. but These two weeks will be good for practice and a little extra money." Haruhi smiled, about to say something when the bell to the front door rang. "Welcome!" She said walking over to them to see what the guests needed help with. I looked out the window of the dining room and smiled. It was so peaceful here. It would be the perfect place to finish my musical piece before the competition. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apron. As much as I would have liked to spend all my time playing the piano the Bed and Breakfast needed extra workers. And I was willing to help out around the times that I was scheduled to play piano (during lunch and dinner and one in the night time) I spent the morning helping clean up and serve breakfast, and then when it hit the afternoon time I spent two hours playing the piano in the dining hall for the guests as they ate lunch. I was amazed the first day when I got tipped by a few people. But Misuzu had left a small tip jar by the piano, almost every shift I got tips! Some people even recognized me from my mothers name and would talk with me after the shows. 

"Kosei I knew that you and your mom were well known for your piano playing, but I didn't think people would stop you in Karuizawa." Haruhi said as we both worked on hanging out the sheets to dry in the clothes lines. "People stop my everywhere. I got used to it sense it happened to me from childhood. But it does get exhausting answering the same questions." I said as the wind picked up. "Geez, the wind is stronger than usual." Haruhi said as she held onto the sheets on the lines. I heard a distant humming, like a helicopter. "What the hell?!" I shouted when I saw a helicopter flying toward us. "You have got to be kidding me." Haruhi said as she saw none other than Tamaki open the helicopter door. "HARUHI! ARE YOU ALRIGHT!? DADDY IS HERE!" He shouted as the helicopter got closer, and all of the sheets we had just hung up flew away in the wind. 

-Kosei Pov- 

"What cute boys we have here! Are you all friends with Haruhi and Kosei?" Misuzu asked as she flaunted over the Host Club. I sat back at the piano and sighed. 'I should be surprised that the host club followed Haruhi here.' I thought to myself as I watched them all get aquatinted. "So are Haruhi and Kosei working here?" Honey asked. "Haruhi has worked here for years during the summer time, and Kosei picked up the piano player position for a few weeks before he goes back to his hometown for the summer." Kyoya said pushing his glasses up his nose. "You need a new hobby Kyoya. Instead of stalking us." I muttered under my breath. "It's a shame I don't have the money to keep them all year round! they are model employees!" Misuzu said as she hugged the both of us. "Why don't you all catch up outside?" 

-Outside in the garden- 

Kosei sat the tea cups down and the hosts thanked him as he sat down with them. "So this is why you didn't go straight home Kosei?" Honey asked after the club grilled Haruhi on her cell phone being off and not joining them for their summer vacation invitations. "Yea, and this is the perfect place for me to finish writing my piece for the competition." He said folding his hands together. "I wasn't trying to ignore you I promise." He added. "Oh we didn't think that you were. We figured that even during summer vacation you wouldn't take a break." One of the twins said. "And we were right." the other finished. Haruhi stepped in then, "Speaking of break I thought that I would get a break from you guys. We have to see each other every day of the new term anyway. We should be able to spend our vacations the way we want to." She said. "According to the school handbook, jobs are prohibited." Kyoya said with a glint in his eyes. "Is-is that right?" Kosei asked, actually wondering. But Haruhi had a frown on her face from being found out. "You know, you are right Haruhi...and we also get to spend our vacations however we want to. And this Bed and Breakfast seems very nice." Tamaki said with a smirk. Kosei and Haruhi looked at each other with dread on their faces. "I guess we will have to let Misuzu know that she will have more guests staying." 

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