Melting My Heart

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Sorry I haven't been on for eternity! I've been really busy and too lazy to write. I was orginally going to make this chapter a lot longer but I didn't have time, sorry! Please frogive and keep reading!




"Mr. Taylor, please wake up! You're going to be late for school!" A deep voice interrupted my dreams.

I groaned and ran my hands over the bed sheet. I grabbed the closest thing and hurled it at my Butler.

"Devin, that won't work," He said calmly, he probably caught what I threw.

I opened one eye to look at him but was met with freezing cold water splashing onto me.

"What the hell?!" I screamed.

He pointed sternly at the alarm clock. 6:40, shit.

I stomped into the bathroom and shut the door with a thud. I threw off my soaked clothes and hopped into the shower. I cranked the hot water knob all the way so the boiling water pounded on my skin.

Suddenly an image of Maci dancing in the movie theater flashed into my mind. I silently laughed when I remembered her carefree expression. What a crazy girl.

I can't wait to see her.


"You have to see this!" Jace said urgently.

He dragged me across the school. Every single wall, locker, door, and window was covered with pictures of Maci and I. I arrived to my locker and found it taped with pictures of us at the movie theater. There was a post-it note that said:

"The pictures of you and Maci are wonderful! The whole school is talking about you guys! You wouldn't care if we put them in the school paper, would you?"

I crumbled the piece of paper and threw it across the corridor. I inspected the pictures. The pictures made us look like couples on a date. There wasn't a single picture that displayed Jace or Sadie. I felt like I've just tasted something horrible and my face disorientated. Who would do such a thing?


"Maci, don't lie. There's proof," Bree smirked.

"We're just friends! We were hanging out with other people too! J-J-Just, think whatever you want!" Maci turned around and busted into the newspaper room.

"Who?! Who was the person that took pictures of Devin and I?!" I heard Maci muffled voice shout from inside the room.

"... He... Upstairs... Publish..." was all that I caught.

Maci slammed the door open. Her eyes wildly searched the hallway and landed on me.

"Why do you care so much?" I asked before she could run away.

"I don't care what people think. But I won't tolerate some stalker. Or a broken hearted friend," Maci replied without turning around. She shot off to find the stalker.

"So, you're just going to let her go like that?" a voice whispered.

"Well, Jace, what do I do!?" I asked.

He pointed to Maci, who was already halfway down the hall, man she was fast. I looked at Jace and then turned to chase after Maci.

Maci was really, really fast. She could probably catch up to him by now. She went up two flights of stairs when I just finished my first flight. I still caught sight of her dark cinnamon hair, swishing as she ran.

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