Chapter Four

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Elizabeth had now survived four years at hogwarts with out attempting to kill peter or Snape. Snape became very annoying as the second year progressed and would never stop teasing her. Elizabeth kept to her self and her only friends were her fellow madruaders and Lily. She'd been told to lay low until it was time to start to stop the future.

Sirius kept close to her and kept asking her questions about her past. James, she was fond of but he was her father so she had to be. But Lupin and Lily were the ones she talked to most. She went to them if she needed to cry and to Sirius and James for a laugh. The only one she hated was Peter. She glared at him when he even looked at James and Lily. Sirius often asked her why she did this but Elizabeth would just start to talk about revision an that would make him walk away. The fifth year however was different for her. At the beginning of the year dumbledore had told her the full plan. They were going to use her extra knowledge and time to their advantage. She was to start and kill the horcruxes now and would take various sick days. She was due to leave on the Thursday at 1 in the morning and return on Saturday . Elizabeth was frightened but she remembered her brother and parents and knew it was the right thing.

"Lizzy are you alright?" asked Sirius as she sat by the fire that night. Her bag was packed and she was ready to leave. She felt as sick as a dog but she wasn't about to tell him that. "Yeah Sirius im alright." she gulped as the clock hit 12. Sirius wasn't convinced. "You look pale are you sure your ok? Mabey you should see madem pomfery?" "No I shall be fine!" "Then at least go to bed. No offence but you look awful." "Ha non taken. And no. Im staying"

"Well if your staying so am I."

"But you can't!"

"Why not?"

"It will ruin the schedule."

"What schedule?"

"The one which starts tonight at one! I've said too much!"

Sirius grinned he figured out more. "Alright let me stay till one then I'll go."

"Fine!" He grinned. Elizabeth turned to face the fire. She had to leave here precisely at one. 10mins to go. Sirius started to walk around. 5mins mabey she should say goodbye? 2mins oh gosh right lets get ready she thought standing in the middle of the room. 1min argh what if she died? Think of harry. 10,9,8,7,6,5 "By Sirius I'll see you on Saturday If i haven't died" 2,1! "What?" he said but she apparated out of the room. Sirius stared at the place where Elizabeth once stood. He grinned to him self. She was one cool girl...

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