New school new life

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I hate being the new kid in school. Everyone looks at you like, why are they here? Or they just stare. I walk into the lunch room and sit at a table with no one sitting there. I look down to put mustered on my burger. Someone walked up to the table so I looked up. " Hi, " he said. " Hello? " I questioned him. " Whats a hot babe like you doin all alone?" he asked.

" I'm new I don't know anyone."

" Well I'm jake." he said as his friend walked up. I looked at jake then his friend. " This is Travis."

" Hi," I said. Then looked down and took a bit of my burger and then I noticed they were still standing there. " Do you want to sit down?" I asked them. Feel a little uncomfortable sitting there with them staring at me. " Ok look guys I'm not interested!" I said. " Girl your funny" Travis said laughing. " Whats your name?" he asked staring at me. I could tell that they werent going to leave till I talked to them. So I put my burger down and rested my head on my hand and looked at them. I let out a sigh." Names Starr, and if you don't mind I would like to have lunch!" I said. " I like your name." he said totally just ignoring me. I was getting upset and I could tell that people started looking at me. I felt someone walk up behind me. If it was another football player I was going to flip. I turned my head and great another football player. I stood up and said "Ok what do you want?" I asked getting upset. " Guys come on leave her alone she doesn't want to be messed with!" he said in a stern tone. Travis and Jake stood up and walked away. I could tell they were mad at this guy. " Thank you....?" I questioned for his name. " I'm Jaden."

" Thank you for helping." I said looking back to my food and not feeling hungry anymore. I looked back up and he was still standing there. " Would you like to sit?" I asked " Sure, if its ok with you?" he asked. "Ya you can sit."

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