Chapter 1 - Somebody killed the Cat

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I glared at the girl in the long, skin tight, black vinyl dress. She glared straight back at me, with the same intensity, except, her entire face was made up, and her naturally brown hair was attacked by an excess amount of blonde clip-ons, and it was all held together in a high ponytail.  

I glared at my reflecting, wondering why all of this was necessary. Sophia, my best friend since junior high, had asked begged me to go to Ethan Law's annual costume party this weekend, and I had finally caved a couple of days ago, but only because her cat had died.  

The Law's parties were a 'legend' at Michael Harrison High. And even though everyone knows where it was held, they didn't really show up to it since only the top of the food chain was there, and it could destroy you for the rest of your high school life.  

Sophia was high up in the food chain. Not killer whale level, but definitely not plankton, Sophia was more like a barracuda. I, on the other hand, was neither popular, nor was I a geek. I simply exist in the school, like energy, or water. So for me, going to this wouldn't have been the epitome of my life story, or so I thought, anyway, so the idea of wearing this outrageous dress was to much.  

"What's with the face, Jin? You look lovely." My mother, Heather Fitzgerald - Hernandez, said as she looked at my scolding reflection.  

"I look like a cross between Mortrica from the Addams family, and a playboy bunny." I told her. She rolled her sea blue eyes- which my siblings inherited but not me, by the way- but continued to smile.  

"We made a deal, Jinger. I was allowed this one time to dress you up, and with all those rules and ....." I shut her out and continued to stare at my reflection. The dress' sweetheart top, fit a bit too snugly around my chest and left no room for ...anything really, until about an inch below my knees where it loosened then dropped flat to the floor in spikes - Mortrica style.  

"Jinger Esmeralda Hernandez, are you listening to me?" She asked ...or shrieked.  

"Yes mother." I said, breath in, breath out, "what else do we have to do?" I asked her she started to grin. 

"Well, you need to do you nails," breath in, "and you need another facial," breath out, "and a Pedi," I nodded, not listening to her anymore. God, I thought, why does this seem like its going down hill really fast?

Two and a half hours, a nearly sprained ankle, and a lot of empty yet convincing threats later, Sophia and I were standing outside of Ethan Law's house. The music blaring from speakers that I couldn't see.  

"Did I mention you look hott?" Sophia asked me as we got out of her car.  

"Thanks." I replied, "so do you." And it was the truth. She was dressed like Betty from the Flinstones. 

"I know right, come on." She said, pulling me by the arm into the house. I hobbled along side her to get in since the God Damned dress was so tight. 

As soon as we got inside, everyone was looking us. Or should I say me.  

"I'm coming back." Sophia said into my ear, leaving me alone.  

"Wait!" I shouted, but it was to no avail, since she just kept on walking.  

"Hey." Someone said from behind me. I spun around to see Craig Charles. Why was he talking to me? 

"I haven't seen you around before, cutie. What's your name?" He asked causing me to stare at him, slack jawed. It was just yesterday that the guy said I was a freak of nature.  

Shaking my head, I walked away without saying a word, hoping to stay by myself until Sophia came back, but it wasn't meant to be. Every single guy there that night had apparently decided to flirt with me, yet none of them knew who I was. Even though I went to school with almost all of them since elementary school. After what seemed like an eternity, I managed to get a seat at the make-shift bar.  

"Hey." A deep, sexy voice said from next to me. It was Nolan Bronson. Class president, swim team captain, and every girls dream in the Junior year. I was never one to rave after the guy, but I did respect his integrity and morals, at times. I stared at the guy, expecting him to hit on me like every other guy, but he did the exact opposite. 

"I didn't know this was your type of... scene." He said.  

"Umm... It's not?" I said, but it came out as a question. 

"No, I never took you for the i-want-to-be-popular-so-i-become-a-tramp kind of girl." He said. I stared at him not sure if that was a compliment or an insult. 

"So you're saying that I'm now a tramp?" I asked him. His eyes widened and he started to blush. 

"No, no. No! I didn't mean it like that, Jinger. I swear. It's just that... I was kind of surprised to see you here, that's all." I sat there staring at him. He knew me?  

"You know me?" I asked him. He looked around. 

"Well, yeah. We're in most the same classes since the beginning of the term." He told me. 

"Really?" I asked and he laughed nervously. 

"Yeah." He said. 

"Oh. Sorry, but I didn't know." I told him truthfully.  

"It's ok. We've been in the same class since fifth grade, and this is the most I've ever heard you say directly to me." He said laughing again.  

"Sorry, again." I told him, looking down at what he was wearing. "By the way, nice costume, Prince Charming." He laughed and rolled his eyes.  

"Thanks, Mortrica, but what's with the bunny ears?" He asked me. I shook my head. 

"Ask my mother, she has some serious Playboy fascination issues." We both laughed at that. Then I realized that I needed to use the bathroom. 

"Umm... I need to use the bathroom. Do you know where it is?" I asked.  

"Yeah follow me." He said. How the hell would I have known that those words would mean the beginning of the end for me? I wouldn't, so I mindlessly followed him to the direction of the bathroom, then we head it. A loud, blood chilling scream. 

"Oh My God! Cat... Cat! Cat's dead!" The girl screamed to the top of her lungs.


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