Thinking the same

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Since we've been home Harry and the boys have been doing interviews and at the studio recording their new album. It been pretty hetic. *DING*  "Hey there:)" Harry texted me, I was sitting on the couch just scrolling on Tumblr. "Hey yourself:)" I texted back. "What are you up too?" he asked. I closed my laptop and put it on the charger. I texted back "I was on Tumblr, now just laying on the couch. you?" "Just got done this interview now on our way to the studio." he texted back. I walked over to the kitchen and pulled out my leftovers from dinner lastnight. I put it in the microwave and heated it up. "Sounds exciting! I miss you though. I don't think I've actually seen you in 3 days." i texted back and took out the dish and began eating it. "Not really...and i know. When I come home you're sleeping when i leave you're sleeping. Can't I just take a day off from being famous?" I put down my fork and swallowed. "What time do you think you're coming home?" I asked him. "10 at the latest." I washed my bowl and put it on the rack. "Perfect. See you then Love you." I texted him and walked over to my purse. I picked it up and walked out of our flat. "Love you." he texted back. I put my phone in my purse and drove off to the store.

I checked my phone before I got out of my car. 5:00pm. Good I have five hours. I walked into the movie store and was greeted by a slender man with blonde hair. Kinda of like Niall's. "Good evening miss. Do you need any help?" The blonde asked me. "Yes! Where can I buy Love Actually?" I asked him. He gestured down the aisle and I followed him. "Right here." he said and handed the movie to me. "Is that all you need?" he asked and looked around the store. "No this it." He then gestured to the register and I followed him once again. He was ringing up my movie when he I heard the door open. "Hello sir. I will be with you in one moment." he said. I looked over to the man that just came into the store. "Liam?" I said. Liam turned around and I saw his eyes bug out. "Mel?" he said back in the confused tone. I payed the man and picked up my bag and walked over to Liam. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked him and crossed my arms. "Break and I wanted to buy a movie for me and the lads to watch." he said. He gestured towards my bag "What are you here for?" "Just a movie." I told him. "Alright well go pick a movie and I'll see ya later." I told him. We exchanged hugs and goodbyes and I walked out to my car. "Weird the boys have breaks at 3." I said to myself as I turned my car on. I shook the thought out of my head and drove out of the parking lot. I stopped at the Starbucks on my way to a different to pick up a ice tea. I walked into the coffee shop and waited in line. Their was at least 4 people in front of me so I pulled out my phone and tweeted a bit. "4 people infront of me at Starbucks. Move aside. hahaa :)" I tweeted with another ten tweets. I laughed to myself and moved up in the line. I heard the door jingle open and heard a very familar voice. "She won't even know its coming Lou." I heard the familiar voice say. "Shit!" I heard the voice say again. "Lets come back in 10 minutes. Thats her." And then the door opened again. I turned around to a set of curls running towards a black range rover and a pair of blue pants follow. 

Why did Harry ignore me. What was coming. Why did I see Liam. All these thoughts swam in my head. I finally got to the front and ordered "Venti Green ice tea. Sweetened." I told the bartista. She rang up my order and I handed her the money and walked over to the pick up line. I picked up my drink and walked out the door and to my car. His car was gone. I shrugged to myself and got in my car. I took a sip before I pulled out my phone. I took a picture of my drink and put it on instagram and tagged Harry. "Eventful day at Starbucks. @Harry_Styles" I locked my phone and put it down and drove off to the next store. 

I pulled up to the mall and got out. I was walking through the parking lot and was drinking my Starbucks when my phone rang. I fished it out of my bag and read the name across the screen. Eleanor. I pressed answer and put it up to my ear. "Hey babe." I said. I opened the entrance door and walked in. "Hey girl. Where are you?" she asked and the hushed someone. "Who are you with?" I asked. I heard a slap on her end of the phone. "Just Amanada. Silly girl won't shut up." she giggled. I knew she wasn't telling the truth but I didn't egg her on. "Mall, just shopping a bit." I answered her previous question. "Okay well call me later. Bye sweetie!" she said and hung up before I could respond. What the fuck is going on. I thought to myself. Harry was obviously planning on to do something. I'm not stupid. Whatever I'll let him suprise him. 

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