Chapter Three

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* Alaina’s POV *

A constant knocking on my apartment door echoed through the tiny space. I got out of the shower, wrapped myself in a towel and answered the door. Derek walked in blushing. He sat on the couch like it was his place as I went to my room to get dressed. Mariana said we’ll be attending a fancy restaurant, to me that meant little black dress.

A simple black halter dress worked for the evening. It showed off my curves, the slit on the side trailed up my leg so I didn’t trip. I pulled the knee length dress up to hide my Browning underneath. My Derringer went into the silver handbag over my shoulder. A pair of silver strapping shoes and a silver necklace with a single onyx gem around my neck finished the outfit.

“My monster network got a hit on Mariana” Derek called.

“Oh?” I was creating waves in my medium length light brown hair “What did it say?”

“She’s a witch, though a very weak one at that.”

“That would explain the little power I felt from her.”

“She’s been off the map for a few years through.”

“What would have caused that?”

“It could be any number of things from losing power, being disowned from the family to serving someone more powerful then her.”

I stepped out into the living room where Derek was waiting in his dress pants. He turned toward me and froze, his mouth dropped. He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close.

“You can look but can’t touch” I teased smirking.

“Oh man” he groaned “You’re torturing me.”

I rolled my eyes and lead the way out, Derek drove us to the restaurant. Mariana and Jason were waiting for us at the table; we had a private room in the back.

“Alaina, you look gorgeous” Jason complemented, pulling out my chair.

“Thank you.”

Derek grimaced, I glanced at him and a smile replaced the grimace. He pulled out Mariana’s chair, brushing her hair off of her shoulder.

* Jason’s POV *

Tonight was going to be a good night; Alaina’s blood, the blood of a pure bred vampire’s child can be the most powerful of all. Though, what was strange was that she didn’t act like her father was one of the kings of the night.

“Is something wrong Alaina?” I asked touching her hand lightly as she stared at her dinner.

She glanced at Derek then pulled her hand back. She wore a very serious face.

“There’s a strong power riding the air” she replied “It’s vile to my senses.”

“What is a witch going to get out of helping a vampire?” Derek brushed Mariana’s cheek “Especially one as beautiful as you.”

“Thank you” Mariana blushed “I’m actually a very weak witch. Jason promised me power and respect among my fellow witches.”

“And what do you want Jason?” Alaina inquired leaning forward.

I cupped her chin smirking, the answer was simple “I want you.”

* Alaina’s POV *

Jason’s words made my heart flutter, his voice held me. Like all vampires, his voice held the promise of sex, but there was something more in the undertone, something more intimate. I found myself staring into his eyes; he was using his most basic vampire tricks on me.

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