Getting Dried Up

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so i hope that little teaser drove you wild :D

im sorry if your a fan of my other book and your being forced to read this i just want you guys to see some of my other work. im putting Ziall on a one week hold for now, so i can focus on this book. the last chapter had a glimps of Zaynwell (zayn+Maxwell= Zaynwell....made by THEninjaAssassin)

i really hope you like this book and please comment and vote! i wont add more chapters if you guys dont like them i mean i put aside a book with 10000reads for this book so... o.o


~Maxwells pov:~

     Zayn and I stood soaking wet in our room. He threw me a towel and I caught it. The towel was a weird yellow, but it smelled fresh.

    I quickly dried my face, and when i pulled the towel from my face I saw Zayn in his boxers...only his boxers. His boxers were wet so it stuck to his skin. He was so sexy I could die...and well today I did almost die. I realized I was still looking at Zayn and looked away with a gasp, trying tried not to look at the half naked Zayn.  I obviously didn’t do a good job because when I went to look at Zayn again, our eyes lock. My heart dropped for no particular reason. Zayn moved his towel from his chest, and held is arms out, showing me his whole body. He smirked as he said "you like what you see?"

     I looked at him trying to find an answer. "’s just that like....I wasn’t really looking at...I  just...." he could tell I struggling with my words so he cut them off by walking up to me.

     I moved back a bit, but the hard wall stopped me. Zayn was right in front of me now. My heart was racing from the nerves that ran through my body.

     He slapped my arm, breaking the tension and said "Relax man I was just joking...jeez you really don’t know when people are joking with you" .

    I gave him a fake laugh and when he wasn’t looking I let out a sign of relief. He bent over and dried his legs as I did the same.

    "Um...thanks for saving me today...I could have die" I told him as I dried my hair. He looked at me with a Smile and said "no problem."

    I was now dry so I sat down on my bed and asked "what did you do to save me?" I wanted to know so if I am ever in that Situation again, I know what to do. Honestly, I mean, I always liked to be prepare.

    "Well," he said as he dried his hair. He moved the towel away from his damped hair and threw it across the room. His hair was messy, but yet so cute. He sat down on his bed, still half naked and said.  "Why do you want to know?"

    "Well I want to know how you did it and it would be great if you could show me. I always liked to know how to handle situations, it makes me feel safer."

     Zayn chuckled and said "well i gave you mouth to mouth and I don’t think you want me to show you how to do it". My cheeks flushed red when he said 'mouth to mouth'. Just the thought of Zayn’s lips on mine made my heart race.

     He noticed me blushing and said "you know, you look cute when you blush". My cheeks tightened as I blushed harder.

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