Boo Bears Babe

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I WAS GOING TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!!!! AHHHH OMG OMG OMG MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! Sorry for freaking out but i was so excited. oh my name is Jillian by the way! me and my friends caroline maggie ryan and katherine were going to a one direction concert tonight. front row seats baby! and yes ryan is a girl :) my phone buzzed in the pocket of my floral romper. i picked it up.

"vas happening?" i screamed into the phone.

"ok ouch jilly that hurt!" my best friend maggie answered.

"Hehe sorry girlie.." I said in a much softer voice.

"Well me and caroline are going to head over and pick up katherine and ryan ok? then we will met at your house." maggie said.

"Ok good to know that SOMEONE knows the plan.." I said. she laughed and hung up. gosh if i were to play match maker with my friends and1D katherine would be with liam. shes crazy but liam would calm her and she deserves to be happy aftrer that bastard jack broke her heart. ryan would be with zayn cause they are really shy and a little mystorious but she is like a cupcake. sweet and adorable and ARGH just she and zayn would be AMAZANY togehter. then maggie would be with niall cause they are bascily the same person! and caroline and harry together cause that cheeky boy would find a sure challenge in caroline. and me? well everyoine says im louis girl. but im not so sure. i mean sure im crazy spastastic and funny and ok yes. i am the more attractive girl version of boo bear ;) just as i finished checking my twitter the door bell rang. i ran down the stairs with my purse and yelling a quick good bye to my parents opened the front door to see my four best friends waiting for me.

"ALRIGHT GIRLS HERES THE GAME PLAN!" I yelled. they all winced but listneing any way, we were gonna make sure the boys saw us. it was up to each individual as to what they would do but we all knew it was one in a billion but we were gonna go for it.

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