chapter 1

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I don't suggest skydiving unless you have a parachute or you are in one of those indoor wind tubes. Since I had neither I had little choice in the matter. About 10 feet above the ground I shrugged my shoulders and flexed my back. 5 feet from the ground I spread my wings catching the wind and with a few down strokes I was safely gliding away from my house. Eating my rescued waffle I looked over my shoulder and admired my jet black wings, the feathers glinting in the sunlight. I had about a 16 foot wingspan. The only downside of having wings was that I had to cut two longs strips through the backs of all my shirts, and keeping my wings tucked for too long was uncomfortable which made it hard to blend in with crowds.

 I flew through the clouds for a couple s and circled my way back. My house was on the face of a mountain, well more like a giant rocky hill no one knew about. It was pretty far away from the only town near it. The house was nearly impossible to see from any roads or from the sky. You would have to know where it is to be able to find it and very few people knew where to look, one of them being my mother who was waiting for me at our patio/landing strip. Vivian Grimm was 5'6 and had dark blonde hair past her shoulders and fair skin compared to my slightly tanned skin and shaggy gold and brown hair that was now getting to hang to my ears. Swinging my legs in front of me I flapped once and touched down folding my wings behind my back. Luckily they tucked in pretty tight so they weren't noticeable although I always wore a jacket just in case someone noticed the odd bulge or a twitch.

 "Caliban Angelus Grimm" I heard, pulling me from my thoughts. Uh oh full name? This couldn't be good." I saved you some breakfast you looked like you needed the sleep." my mother said with a smile. Whew close one "thanks mom" I said leaning down to let her kiss me on the cheek. I had to lean down because I was close to 6’2, defiantly not normal for your average 14 year old. Well if you want to be technical I was almost 15 my birthday being tomorrow. Following my mother back inside the house I felt the sensation again. Spinning around I watched the world slow around me. I wasn't sure if I sped up or slowed everything else down. Either way the results were the same. I could easily see the knife that was pin wheeling towards my head.

 I reached out and grabbed the point between my thumb and pointer finger and sent it flying right back where it came. Well an inch to the left so it missed my sister's face. Giving me a sly smile she said "what, you getting soft on me baby brother?" now I know what you’re thinking and no I was not her "baby brother” she was my twin sister and we had no idea who was older. I was a fully fledged bonafide big boy."Artemis be nice" my mother said absently. Turning I went to pry my mistreated waffle off the wall only to discover that it had been claimed by my sisters darling pet scruffles. Scruffles loved waffles more than me and shot a column of flame to prove it. fire? what sort of house trained pet could ever breathe fire? scruffles the dragon that's who. yes a scaly winged fire breathing dragon. not only could the little guy breathe fire he could change his shape. Don't ask me how it works he just did. At the moment he was in his usual form, at four feet long he had purple eyes and dull green scales. spreading his bat-like wings he flew away holding his stolen prey in his jaws.

Sighing I grabbed a raw steak and started to go back to my room. "oh and don't forget school starts next week!" my mother called after me. Crap I'd forgotten my first week of school was coming up. the only school id ever gone to as kindergarten and that was a disaster. apparently throwing a desk through the wall was frowned upon. along with the speed thing I was stronger than most people, like lift a car strong. my skin was tougher too, normal things couldn't hurt me which meant I was perfect target practice for my sister. I had decided freshman year at high school would be a good time to try again. school had started last week and Artemis had already started. we had to be careful though, we were being hunted.

 I wasn't a lab experiment gone wrong if that's what you’re thinking. I was born the way I was, so was my sister and our mother. there were tons of people with powers all over the world. Artemis much like her namesake the Greek goddess of the hunt, could hit any target she wanted. Sounds weird but it’s definitely useful when she uses her bow. My mother’s powers are where it becomes complicated. the closest thing I could compare her to was a witch or something. She could make a bed fly across a room or rock melt away into nothing. that's how we had made our house so quickly , a few waves if her hand and we had hollowed out a mountain to make our new home. walking down the hall I started getting dizzy. it got worse and worse, nausea rushing waves. I stumbled trying to make it to my bed before I passed out or something. through the spinning room I felt my hand start to tingle. I looked and saw black smoke swirl outwards from it. "don't think that's s'pose to happen" I muttered before the world went black.

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