My Girlfriend’s A Vampire…I Think?

Part 6: Little Lion Man 

(Mumford & Sons)

--Mike POV— 

Sunday November 22nd, 2009

How do you tell someone how you feel without hurting them? No matter what I say to Temperance, I’ll be breaking her heart. I don’t find any comfort in the fact that I know her heart isn’t beating. I know she’s a vampire. I know she hurt my sister. As the only vampire I know of, was she the one that hurt Corrine? Was she the one who…killed Adam? These questions and realities boggled my mind. 

When Morgan returned somewhat to reality she told me exactly what had happened at homecoming between them. I won’t tolerate anyone hurting my family, and I had to let her know she wasn’t welcome.

As I grabbed my keys to head out to meet her, there was a knock on the door. I darted down the stairs only to learn that she was standing on my front porch. I quickly walked out, slamming the front door behind me as I angrily muttered, getting right to the point, “You’re a vampire aren’t you?” 

“Yes.” She replied, hurt by my assumption. “But—“

“I don’t care what you have to say. You tried to kill my sister. How can I trust you? How can I let you be near my family and friends? How can I let you in my life?”

“You can trust me!” she sobbed, “All I’ve done is tried to protect from the others, protect you from what’s coming. I---”

“I don’t believe you.” I said, backing up in disgust when I saw her tears were blood. I had my door on the handle, ready to bolt, but turning away, leaving this, it was harder than I thought. Even though I saw her for what she was, I had the hardest time saying the words. Telling her. No matter what I do, what I say, I can’t change how I really feel about her. I care so much about her. There’s no way I can go through with this.

“Listen to me!” she continued to sob, the blood majestically falling from her face, as if they were really tears. “I’m going to stop this and I’m going to find him.” Mentioning Adam threw me off the edge. How dare she? After what has happened…it has brought me a sense of resolve. She isn’t a woman, she’s a cold-blooded killer and she can’t be a part of my life.

“There’s nothing you can say. It’s over Temperance,” I decided, jumping to a conclusion I wasn’t even sure about. I really like this girl, a lot, but she’s dangerous. I need to protect my family and friends. There’s justification for my actions in that sense right?

“For the first time in my life…for the first time in three hundred years, I felt a real connection to someone,” she said. “Please don’t…”

“I did too.” I replied, coldly. The words left a bitter taste on my tongue. I can’t believe what I was saying. “Leave. Now.”

“But—” she trailed off, hanging her head as she began to walk away.

“I don’t want you around here anymore. Goodbye, Temperance.”

“Whatever it takes, I will find him. I will find Adam…for you.” She said, wiping away the tears. She showed a moment of resolve and determination as the sorrow and tears left her, like she switched it off, before disappearing into the darkness.

There was a flash of light and a roll of thunder. A storm was coming, I could feel it. The only problem was that I had no idea how to deal with it.


Who is this guy?  I just broke someone’s heart. I practically ripped it out and stomped on it. 

Did I just do that?

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