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An Intimate Encounter

Carlos' POV

As Kyle and I made our way back to the house, I kept my eyes trained behind us. I knew it was pointless to be concerned with being followed, but i couldn't help it. I had an obligation to keep everyone safe now. I knew Kyle could handle himself and protect Shelly at the same time. I wasn't worried about them as much as i was for Kendra. I knew i would have to end up quiting my job just to be able to protect her full time. Hopefully Kyle wouldn't get mad at me for it. Justin had been a friend of Kyle's family for years, that's how i got the job in the first place.

"Uh, Kyle?" i said to him breaking the silence.

"Yeah?" He reached over to the radio and turned down the song that was currently playing. Some bad screaming about remembering everything. It was crap music in my opinion, but i wasn't going to say anything.

"I'm gonna have to quit my job." i said and tensed for his reaction. He had gone out of his way to help me get that job, and here i was giving it up. In my defense though, i had  a good reason. Nothing would make me risk Legs being hurt. I had seen first had torture victims that Martin would bring in. I knew what the AB was capable of. My feelings for Kendra were growing at such an alarming rate that if anything happened to her now then i would be devastated. If i wasn't careful i would be fast approaching that phrase. I knew if i said it anytime soon then it would send her running for the hills. When she would eventually run away is when she would get hurt. All i had to do was keep myself in check until we were out of the woods. Then nothing would stop me from making sure she knew exactly how i felt.

"I understand." Kyle said bringing me out of my inner monologue. "I would do the same thing if i was in your shoes. I can talk to Justin for you if you want. I could possible get him to just give you time off to get situated from the move and what-not. Surely this will all blow over before to long."

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