"What do you think of Skrillex doing that?" asked Devo.

"We got a full house. Every single cent is going to a charity. We got THE hottest boyband in the world, and some great artists and choreographers. Against a grown man whose hair looks like Janis' from Mean Girls. We got this."

"Well, we're honoured that we were the first radio station that you went to."

"No party is a party without the Kiss Crew!"

Justin poked his head through the doorway.

"Jai, Cait, we're up."

"Since when?"

"We're up first."


"We'll be back, Devo."

I checked my reflection in the mirror, and walked through the door, backstage, hand in hand with Jai.

"How is everybody doing tonight? Toronto, make some noise!"

I winced at the screams, even through my earplugs.

"We got a mad lineup tonight, Bruno Mars, The Janoskians, Perrie Edwards,Danielle Peazer, Ed Sheeran,One Direction-"

More screams.

"And our very own Canadians,Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Backfire, Our wonderful dancers, Cody Bonnell,Blake McGrath, Nico Archambault, and one of the crowd favourites, Justin Bieber!!"

Cue the screams.

"First up, Justin and Cait wrote a song for today, and you guys are going to hear it first today!"






With Jai on drums, Me on guitar and vocals, and Justin rapping, it went pretty good.

"We're going to take a break before the last acts, Please welcome DJ Clymaxx!"

Hm.Never knew Joel could actually announce.

Back to the interview.

"So what's the dirt on the rivalry between you and Skrillex? You took it to court?"

"He/she spiked Niall's drink to break up with me, and blackmailed him into setting me off to create bad publicity.And then he/she paid some girl to try and break Jai and I up."

"How did you get the proof?"

"Well, every hundred years, Pierre, Justin, and Mike so something stupid that later on, turns out to actually be smart. Recording stuff on phones is helpful."

"Any comments on the lineup?"

"Yeah, today's acts are a pretty good friends, and we're trying to make this show go down in history."

"A question that I have for you two, how did you guys meet?"

I locked eyes with Jai, and we burst into laughter.

"Well, we met twice, to be honest ."


Shit, I missed the train again.

And this one's packed.

Oh well, I need to get to soundcheck.

I walked in, and leant against a booth, holding onto the pole, popping in my earbuds, and making sure I was wearing the sunnies.

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