"Cait, it's time to wake up."

I snuggled back into the covers.

"Mmm..noo...5 more minutes...."

"But you gotta wake up."

"Shut up Pauly, I don't wanna go to school today."

"It's Jai, Cait."


"Shut up, Joel. Go fix your Mau5 heads.I don't wanna go to school." I growled.

"Caitlyn, it's Jai. You are 20. You have to plan a charity event in two hours. And pick up Bruno and the Boys in an hour."

"nnfhrkxihnsldo five more minutes." I mumbled, as I fell asleep again.







I woke up to a bucket of ice water splashed on my head.

I shot up, awake and alert.


I glanced at the clock.



I took a quick shower, and all that morning shiz.

"Leggo, Joel, Justin,Blake, you got the range rovers?"

"Just hurry up."

I sprinted out of the house, with both helmets, throwing one of them to Jai.

Fine, in my haste, probably more like AT him.

And let me say,if he didn't have such good reflexes, he would have had a broken wherever I aimed.

I kinda just shot it over my shoulder

Anyways. Back to the story.

As we sped down the street, Jai chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

"You're a funny morning person."

"Well, you're a funny person in general, don't hear me complaining."

"Burn. But I'm famous for being funny."

"I see what you did there."

"How was school here? You thought I was Pauly and Joel trying to wake you up for school."

"It was ok. Monday mornings always suck, no matter what you do."

"That's kinda true. Happy two year anniversary."

"Aww, you remembered!"

"How could I not."

I parked my bike at the airport parking lot and went on Twitter.

@JaiBrooks1 Happy 2 year Anniversary, Babe. :) x

@kiss925toronto Ready to party?

I put my phone in my pocket, and took Jai's hand as we walked over to the terminal.

Time to greet the early morning fans.

"Aaahh! Happy two year anniversary!"

"Aaahh,name me after your babies!" Oh. Well,then. That was a new one.

Then, I saw a little girl being squished against the barriers.

I walked over and knelt down to the girl.

"Are you ok?"

She nodded.

"Who are you here with?"

"My mommy and sister. My mommy went to get me some water,and my sister went off to find her friends and left me."


"What's your sister's full name?"

"Marilyn Groves. I'm scared."

"Aw, babe, don't be."

I stood back up and silenced

the crowd.

"Is there a Marilyn Groves here?"

A blonde-haired girl weaved through the crowd, fangirling.

"Yup!" she squealed.

"Your little sister was being crushed against the barriers. Please take care of her."

I walked back to Jai.

"Teens these-BRUUNOOOOOOO!!" I screeched.

I tackled him into a hug, his signature black Wayfarers getting knocked back into his hair.

"JaiJaiJaiJaiJaiJaiJai this is Bruno, but don't be scared, he's like a non-retarded Vinny/Pauly and a funner Leeyum!"

They shook hands, and Jai looked kinda scared.

"So this is the Jai that little Caitlyn talks about."

"Shut up, you just have tall hair."

"Whatever, little miss four foot nine." said Jai, snickering.

"I think we will get along just fine." said Bruno, chuckling, and giving him props.

As we were walking around trying to find the UK-ers, I texted Eleanor.


"Look to your right, we have a few suprises for you."


I looked to my right.


"I feel SO special right now." grumbled Harry.

"Shut up, morphsuit man. You feel special now?"

"Guess what?"asked Dani


"I'm dancing at the charity event, and Perrie's performing with the boys!"

We all squealed, until the boys started making us feel awkward.

I checked my watch.











(An hour later)

Justin, Joel, Avril, Nickelback, and the serious-looking lady were not amused.

We went straight through all the songs, and just as we were getting ready for preforming, and we were having an exclusive interview with Devo Brown, Taylor Kayne, and Roz and Mocha, Joel burst into the room.

"Skrillex is performing at the Bandshell, same time!"

I shot up from my seat at the couch, and stuck my head out the window.

"Game on, loser, and your wig still looks like it's braided from your mom's CHEST HAIR!"

I closed the window, and sat back down, Jai trying to calm me down.

Son of a bitch wanted competition? He's gunna get it.

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