Wendy's Point of view

  As I’m walking to the place where ED had texted me to meet him at, I get this creepy feeling that someone is following me. All of a sudden I stop dead in my tracks when I hear something. I look up and see a guy falling from a couple of stories up the school building. It's dark so I don’t recognize him until I have him pinned down on the grown, and that’s when I see sandy blond hair which has made my heart beat so many times in the past. I get off from him and when he gets up I immediately jump on him and wrap my legs around his waist, hugging him so hard it hurts, when he looks down at me and kisses my forehead like he did so many years ago when we were little.

  We’re lost in the moment, that we don't notice someone running towards us. Suddenly I’m trying to hold on to what I thought was Ed’s arm, when I realize its Mr. Black eyes again. For a moment I forget about Ed and stare holes behind Mr. Black eye's back, I can't help but admire his dark brown hair and how wide and muscular he looks from behind, and that ass! Wow can he be any more perfect? 

"Who are you to be touching Wendy like that?" Mr. Black Eye's says in an angered voice, which only helps to make me want him more.  I swear the guy has the voice of a God. Suddenly I remember about Ed and look around and find Ed touching his cheek. Shit what just happened?

"I won't ask again who you are!"

I'm too distracted by Mr. Black Eye's voice that I can't speak.

"I think the question is who are you? Because Wendy and I have a date today" Edward says with a light smile on his face, but I can tell he is anything but calm he is literally shaking. My heart is beating so fast that I’m scared that at any moment I might have a heart attack.

Just then I hear a growl coming from Mr. Black Eye's and i snap out of it. Somehow I have a feeling that I need to keep him away from Ed and quick. So I go around Mr. Black Eye's and say to Ed "umm Ed I’ll talk to you later I forgot I had something to do with this guy. Sorry I promise to call you later, but I have to go." I go to him and hug him only to hear a growl coming from behind me. What was up with him? I mean I just met him a  couple of minutes ago, and who actually growls at another person.

I let go of Ed and grab Mystery guy's hand and I almost let go because when I touch his hand I feel small shocks. This feeling best sensation I have ever felt that my heart starts to beat even faster and I feel a deep connection to him. I feel like the whole in my heart that I never knew existed has been filled. When we come to a place I decide is private enough, I let go of his hand. I’m about to ask him questions, because suddenly I feel angry. What gives him the right to act like that to my friend who I haven't seen in years, but like always his eyes catch me off guard and I notice his dark black eyes turn even darker. I soon notice his body shaking and I realize I have to try to calm him down, and do the only thing I can.

Mr. Black Eye's point of view

   My wolf kept yelling and telling me that a werewolf had just attacked our mate! He's our enemy, he kept saying. I was to focused and was about ready to snap that mutts head off when I felt Wendy moving from behind me and going up to that mutt. Just as I was about to get her to go behind me she tells him something  which I don't catch because I’m making sure he doesn't hurt her, when suddenly  she hugs him and I notice him smirking at me. A growl escapes my throat, almost causing my wolf to come out when I feel Wendy's hand touch mine. I start to calm down and try to convince my wolf that Wendy is safe with us and that the next time I see that stupid mutt I'll kill him.

  When we finally come to a stop Windy lets go of my hand and I suddenly feel all my anger come back. My Wolf is about to come out. I can feel myself shaking harder than I have ever before just when I think I’m about to change, I feel her warmth wrapped around me and her sent of sweet oranges calms me down. I hug her back trying to get that mutts sent off her. I feel my wolf wanting to mate her, but I stop myself before I hurt her. I push her away and hear her whimper, and my heart sinks, I want nothing more than to hold her and have my way with her but now is not the time I have to control myself before I do something that will make her leave me and my wolf. I have to remind myself she is a human.

  When I finally manage to control my wolf, I step towards her and put my hand under her chin and make her look at me. I need to apologize. Just as I’m about to say something she gives me a smirk and kicks my member so hard that I fall to the ground.

'I don't know who you are but next time you go attacking someone for no reason I’ll do even worse to you.” she screams and runs away.

Wow was she feisty. I recover seconds later and use my werewolf speed to corner her. I grab her from the waist and push her against the wall with my left knee between her legs. This small contact causes my wolf to go crazy I calm myself down and say “I recommend you never do that again if you don't want me to punish you." I say smirking at her and trying to get rid of my dirty thoughts.

  With that I lean down and kiss her. Once our lips meet I feel completed but want more. I bite on her bottom lip asking for entrance, she moans softly but she won't open, I growl demanding entrance. I once again bite down and just when I think she gives me permission she bites on my lip causing both me and my wolf to feel aroused, she then bites harder and causes me to bleed. I let go of her and notice that she's blushing and panting like she's out of breath.

"Never ever do that again!" she says and storms off.

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