Chapter Fourteen

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Hi! Well here's the next chapter! The song for this chapter is 'All About Us' by He Is We...seriously! This song inspired the Harry and Joey moments, because it just fits it! So if you don't listen to the music with the chapter I really suggest you do because it's a duet and it shows Joey's side and Harry's side, so enjoy AND PLEASE COMMENT!!!!

Joey's POV*

"Okay if you had told me we'd be going to an ice skating rink I'd say you were crazy!" I yelled. "Well you never told me don't know how to ice skate" he said, lacing up his ice skates. I sat back, with mine on and looked out at the rink "I'm going to fall and break my head open" I said. "No you're not, because I'm not letting you go" he said, standing up and taking my hand. I stood up and almost fell, but Harry kept a strong hold on me "I promise I'm not going to let you fall" he whispered, making me shiver. He smiled and lead me over to the opening to the rink. He got down on it first and helped me down. "Okay now this is a good thing" he said, as we very slowly skated. "How?" I asked. "Because I get to hold you the whole time we're here and I don't have to worry about you showing me up" he said, with a smirk. "You're an ass" I muttered "But admit it, you really like this ass" he said. I looked "Shut up" I muttered, making him laugh. "Okay so I think I just saw a snail pass us, so why don't we move a little faster" he suggested. Without a warning he speed up and I held onto his arms, like my life depended on it. "You're so cute" he said and kissed the top of my head. Here he is 5"10 and I'm only a a few centimeters under 5"5 so he's like a giant compared to me. "It's okay, you're not going to fall" he said, with a small laugh. "I'll believe it when I'm safely back in the car" I said. "Okay at least try and see if you can stand up on your own" he suggested. I sighed and nodded as he let go. It seemed like I was doing okay, but I speed up a little faster and started falling, but Harry grabbed me and he fell on his back while I fell on top of him. "I told you I won't let you get hurt. I just didn't think I'd get hurt instead" he said with a laugh. "Here let me make it better" I said and kissed him. He smiled as I pulled away. "I think I'm still hurt if you want to make me feel better" he said all sly. I smiled and kissed his nose. I carefully stood up, keeping hold of him. "You realize I'm not letting you go now, right?" I asked. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him "That's fine as long as I get to be this close to you" he said. I smiled and had to stand on the tip of the pointer just to kiss him. "I feel so short" I muttered "That's because you are short, love. But I like that you're short" he said, making me smile.


We decided to get something to drink so after ordering our drinks we sat down at a table. "Hey, aren't you Harry Styles?" a girl asked. We turned around and saw a girl, who was cleaning tables. "Um yeah, hi" he said. "Hi, I'm Alex" she said, taking a step closer. She looked at us, and I was worried I'd get hate or something. "Please tell me she is your girlfriend! You are so pretty! So jealous right now" she said, making me blush a little. "No, we're just on a date" I said. She looked at Harry "And why is it just a date?" Alex asked. Harry looked flustered, like he didn't know what to say. "Relax I'm joking, but you two really are cute together" she said. "Thanks" I said. "What's your name?" she asked. "Joey" I said. "Oh like Dawson's Creek! That's so cool" she said. I could tell she was really bubbly. "I'm sorry I'm like intruding on the date. I should go" she said. "No wait, do you work here?" I asked. She nodded "Well why don't you ask if you can go on a break and you can join us" I said. Her mouth dropped and she nodded and quickly went to the booth. "Are you going to be this nice to the fans? Because it makes me like you even more" Harry said, taking my hands. I smiled. I looked over at a tree and saw someone kept looking at us. I shook it off though. Alex came back and sat next to me "Hi" she said, smiling. She looked at mine and Harry's hands "Awe! Sorry, but that's just awe! she said, making Harry and I chuckle. "So is Harry your favorite?" I asked. She shook her head "Sorry, love you Harry, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Louis" she said, patting her chest. I smiled and Harry smiled back "Well he is my best friend, I guess I can understand" he said. "So tell us about yourself" I said. "Well I'm Alex Trescott. I'm eighteen, been working here since I was sixteen though. Born in Brighton, I'm only 5'3, which is really short. I love to sing, I hate bugs, my parents are divorced, and I have an older brother who's twenty-one and is at university now" she said. "And breathe" Harry said, with a laugh. She took a deep breath. "Yeah I also like to talk, a lot" she said, kind of shy. I saw someone move from behind the tree again "Is someone by the tree?" I asked. Alex groaned "One second" she said and stood up, walking towards it "Okay homeless guy, I've told you before you cannot sleep here so just-" she stopped and Louis jumped out from the tree and she looked shocked "Y-you are definitely not a homeless guy" she said. I covered my mouth, trying not to laugh, while Harry looked confused. Zayn moved out from behind Louis and I knew they were spying on us. "I'm gonna kill them" Harry muttered. "Y-you're Louis" Alex said, still kind of shocked. "The one and only!" he shouted. "I-I'm just going to go back to the table and die, for confusing you with a homeless guy" she said and took her seat next to me. I patted her shoulder, as she muttered some things. I bet she feels so embarrassed right now. Louis and Zayn slowly walked over. "What are you doing here?" Harry asked. "Is this where you were taking Joey, must of forgotten" Louis said, trying to act dumb. "So in other words your spying?" I asked "Only to make sure Harry doesn't screw the date up!" Zayn said. "Wow, thanks for the faith guys" Harry muttered. "You're much taller than I thought you'd be" Alex muttered, still looking at Louis. "Sorry for being rude, what's your name, babe?" he asked, smiling at Alex. She giggled "Sorry, he called babe. Um before I make an idiot of myself even more, I'm Alex" she said. "Lovely name for a lovely girl" he said, winking at her. I thought she might faint right there. My, my, my Louis was flirting with Alex, hmm definitely going to play matchmaker here. Harry had pulled Zayn away and was talking to him. Louis took a seat in front of Alex "So Alex, are you a fan?" he asked. She nodded, quickly "Since the X-Factor. I actually auditioned when I turned sixteen two years ago. The same year you came in third, I only got to boot camp though" she said. He tilted his head "Funny, I would have definitely remembered those beautiful green eyes" he said. She started blushing "Well I remember you" she said, with a small giggle. I smiled at them, they actually looked quite perfect together "What was your song you sang while at bootcamp?" he asked. "Look after you, by The Fray" she said, happily. He then smiled big "I do remember you!" he said, hitting the table with his hand "Ow" he muttered "Yeah you were amazing, surprised you didn't make it though" he said. Her mouth dropped "You, you thought I was amazing?" she asked. He nodded "Indeed I did" he said. I walked over to Harry who was still arguing with Zayn. "Can you two stop arguing for like a few seconds to look at that" I said, pointing to Louis and Alex. "Are they flirting?" Zayn asked. I nodded "She made it bootcamp the same year you guys did and he remembers her" I said. "Wait, wait, wait. She's not the girl who sang that Fray song is she? Louis went on and on about her days after bootcamp, trying to find her" Harry said. I smiled "Really? Because that's her!" I said. "Great" Harry said "Well that's his distraction away from us, wanna try the ice again?" Harry asked. I nodded "Fine, but only if you keep your arms around me" I said. Harry smiled and nodded. We walked to the opening of the rink "What am I supposed to do?" Zayn yelled. I giggled and Harry and I went back to skating.

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