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Pen Your Pride

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Chapter Twenty-One: The Sacrifice

"Roxanne let me help!" Caroline calls out as I desperately try to hold the chains. As Caroline comes near me, I throw my elbow out and hit her in the side.

"Stay back! I got it!" I reply as she groans from the strength in my blow. I turn back to the wolf and narrow my eyes, using all my focus to hold those chains. Tyler's wolf teeth bite between the bars and I pull my body back, barely avoiding his snapping jaws. I let out a determined scream and watch as the wolf jumps up on its haunches and growls as he tries to get to me, but I just have too much strength.

The thought makes me feel a little smug, but I need to keep my focus. The wolf then runs back and then slams himself into the gate at full speed, making it shake loudly. My eyes narrow and I let out a low growl as I realize the gate isn't going to hold for long. The wolf repeats it, and I hear Matt from behind me.

"The doors not going to hold him, Roxanne!" Matt shouts, and I shake my head, holding the chains tightly.

"Tyler, please!" I cry out as the wolf repeats his process and slams into the door again. Just then Matt lets out a shot and I scream loudly, turning back to Matt. "Matt, no! It's Tyler!" I scream as he shoots again.

"He's trying to kill us!" Matt replies, trying to justify it. I shake my head and look out the door, and I spot the wolf laying on his side, unmoving. My eyes widen and I slowly pull the chain through the door and pull it open.

"Wait!" I call out as I slowly step out of the door. "He's wounded."

"Roxanne, stay back!" Caroline shrieks, reaching out to me. I turn back to her and shake my head slowly, meeting her blue gaze and shooting her a serious look.

"We can go around him." I insist, nodding. I look over at Matt and find that he's still holding up the gun, it's barrell pointed straight at Tyler's prone wolf body.

"Are you nuts?" Matt exclaims, my words finally setting in. His eyes flash up to me briefly before she looks back down the sight.

"You're not going to shoot him again, okay?" I say slowly as I look back at Matt. He's still holding up the gun, so I look over at Caroline for help.

"Matt, take my hand." Caroline instructs, reaching out to him. He looks over at her with narrow eyes, obviously not liking that idea. "Matt, take my hand." She repeats, this time her voice is hard and non-debatable.

Matt sighs and then slings the gun over his shoulder, and then he reaches out and takes Caroline's outstretched hand. I nod at Caroline and then move out of the way as they run past me at a blur.

I then slowly approach Tyler, my eyes filling with tears. I spot the bullet lodges in his front right leg, blood oozing from the wound. My eyes widen as I hear the wolf growl slightly and I quickly run for the door, my body moving as a blur of speed.

Caroline, Matt and I end up at Lockwood mansion. Caroline and Matt are arguing about stuff that I'm not worried about. I pull my phone out of my pocket and dial Damon's number.

"Are you okay?" He answers on the first ring, his voice urgent and worried.

"I...yes. Where are you? Wheres Elena?"

"At the Quarry. But Roxanne, theres something you should know..."

"What is it?"

"Klaus made Katherine call Jenna and lured her out. He's using Jenna as the vampire in the ritual."

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