~Chapter One~

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Iruka was late to class again, probably chasing after Naruto since he wasn't in class either.  A sigh escaped my lips as I faced the front of the classroom.  I could feel both of their chakra signatures close by.  The door slid open revealing an annoyed Iruka and a tied up Naruto.  Once Iruka closed the door he dropped Naruto on the ground, I could hear a few people giggling, I just shook my head. 

  'They shouldn't laugh.'  I thought to myself.

  "I'm at the end of my rope Naruto.  You've failed the graduation test last time and the time before that.  Tomorrow you've got another chance and your messing up again."

  I rolled my eyes at Iruka's lecture.  'Sure Naruto's the class clown but your always making him feel bad even if you don't realize it.'

  "Hmph!"  Naruto ignored him and turned his head in defiance.

  A vein could be seen on Iruka's forehead.  "Fine! Because YOU missed it Naruto! EVERYONE will review the Transformation Jutsu!"  Almost everyone groaned in annoyance.

  Everyone lined up in a single line in front of the classroom.  I was in between Ino and Naruto.  "Sakura Haruno."

  Sakura stepped out of line closer to Iruka.  "Alright! Sakura here! Let's do it! Transform!"  Smoke surrounded her and soon there was Iruka in her place,

  "Transformed into me? Good."  Iruka praised.

  Sakura undid the jutsu and returned back to normal, or what was normal for her.  "Yes! I did it!"  She cheered.  "Sasuke did you see that?!"

  I felt my eye twitch from annoyance.  "I don't see what's so great about him."  I thought out loud.

  Naruto laughed next to me, nodding in agreement while Ino was staring at me as if I had two heads.  "Are you serious?  He's the mo-"

  I quickly cut her off, "Forget it, I don't care." I said while leaning my back against the desk.

  "Next, Sasuke Uchiha."

   My eyes were focused on one thing, the Uchiha symbol on the back of his shirt.  It reminded me of my mother.  I lowered my head and shielded my eyes with my bangs, making sure no one noticed my change in expression.

  "Next, Naruto Uzumaki."

  Shikamaru sighed.  "This is a total waste of time, Naruto."

  "We always pay for your screw ups."  Ino continued.

  "Ino shut up."  I cut Naruto off, shocking him in the process.  I continued to glare at her, she backed up slightly.

  "Thanks, Sora-chan."  Naruto whispered, I smiled at him in response.

  Naruto walked in front and smoke surrounded him.  Once the smoke cleared, a naked female Naruto appeared.  I laughed quietly as blood shot out of Iruka's nose.  Naruto undid the jutsu laughing.

  "Gotcha! That's my sexy jutsu!"

  Iruka got into Naruto's face, I could see tissues in his nose.  "Cut the stupid tricks! This is your last warning!!"

  'This class is always entertaining.'   A small smile appeared on my face, I thought his pranks were funny.

  "Next, Sora Hatake."

  The smile dropped from my face and I made the correct seal, transforming into the 3rd Hokage.  I felt like being different, even though Naruto beat us at that.


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