Chapter Two

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Ten years later...

My alarm clock blared into my ears sending a ringing through my head. I just wanted the noise to go away, and let me contiune this peaceful sleep. Although that sort of feeling always came to me on school days. Letting out a huge groan, I rolled over smashing the "Off" button on the alarm clock.

I heard my mother's hoarse voice shouting from the living room, "Amoria, are you awake?!"

"Shut up." I murmmered to myself.

Groaning, I rolled out of bed hitting the floor with a loud thud. My eyes were still blurred from just have woken up. I layed on the ground for a minute, so tired, I could sleep there. I had piled pizza boxes and empty soda bottles lying on the floor.

My eyelids felt like heavy weights pulling them down, but I managed to stay awake anyways. I got up, and walked into my bathroom, ignoring the unbearable smell. I reached to turn my flat iron on, and searched through the mess for a make-up remover.

I'm such a hoarder.

I have empty perfume bottles, that I refuse to throw away. I have everything jam packed in this bathroom, that you can't even see the floor. Shaking the thought away, I scrubbed off my make-up, applying more. Then I flat ironed my hair.

I walked back into my filthy bedroom, searching for anything to wear.

I began digging through my drawers, having a bunch of "I don't like this" choices. Finally I decided on a black t-shirt and dark blue shorts. Once I put them on, I looked at myself and smiled. I had to admit, I looked pretty good.

I walked out of my room, and to the kitchen to get my keys. They were hanging up on our key rack, so I grabbed them, and a cookie, and walked to the door, where my mom stopped me. She had her hair back in a ponytail, glasses on, make-up smeared and cigarette in her mouth.

She released the cigarette and blew a puff of smoke in my face.

"Why are you eating a cookie this early in the morning?" she asked, glaring at me.

"I was hungry, and it was right there. Calm down, Mom. Maybe you should eat a cookie." I said, taking the cigarette out her hand, "you might get rid of your filthy smoking habits and live longer." I walked passed her and out the door, putting out the cigarette on the concrete.

My mom wasn't necissacarly a drug addict or anything, but she was beyond addicted to smoking. It was quite hypicritical on my part, considering I smoked too, but she didn't know that, so I didn't care. As I began putting my shoes on, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

Without a single thought going through my mind, I spun around on my heels, and kneed them in the stomach, only to find out it was my best friend, Victoria.

"Amoria! What the f***!" she screamed, while groaning in pain.

Her tone frightened me a little bit, only because I was very sensitive about being screamed at. I looked at her in awe, and then when she finally stood up straight, she hugged me.

"Sorry, didn't mean to yell, but that hurt." she said.

I nodded.

In case you didn't know, I was a rather shy person. I didn't talk much to anybody, except my mom. But that was only because I'm used to her.

I unlocked my car and climbed into the drivers seat. Starting the car, I turned the music on low, and buckled my seat belt. Victoria climbed in the passanger seat, and we sat there. Silence filled the car. Although, it wasn't an awkward silence.

It was that kind of good silence.

Sometimes when I was with Amoria, all I wanted to do was be alone. I wanted to escape her, and the world itself. I felt as if I could never be understood by anybody, and slowly, everyday my whole world was falling apart underneath me.

I sound like a person with so much negativity. But honestly, I just feel like a monster inside. Lost, confused, and ready to explode. We got to school, and I walked inside, leaving Amoria back far behind.

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