Everybody POV


Angel- Do smething then

KIerst punched that bitch right in her noes then her jaw then pushed her to the ground & started kicking her, Angel tried to get a couple punches in but she was on the ground in seconds!

Ray- Get that bitch sis!! Aye Roc your girl can fight! she probably can take you out! 

Everybody else is tryna pull Kierst off 

Everybody else- Ray help us!

Ray- Oh sorry

It took them about 5 minutes to pull Kierst off Angel, and Angel had marks all over her face, she was spitting up blood, she could barely sit up! Kierst looked fine, not one scratch or bruise!

Diggy- What in the hell was that for??

KIerst- Because that hoe slept with my man! 

Diggy- What the fuck?!? Roc really? 

Roc- She came onto me & I did it out of anger.

Diggy- It's cool bro, she won't all that anyway!

Roc- Riiight! Her pussy ain't shit!

Diggy- Everytime we fuck she never said my name so she was probably fucking every boy she saw!

Roc- Probably, her pussy was loose as fuck! I like them tight pussies like Kierst!

Roc smacks Kierst on the butt

Kierst- Can y'all stop talking about pussies, it grosses me out!

Diggy- Why? You got one.

Kierst- That's why I don't wanna talk about it, why would I wanna talk about girl parts?

All the boys bust out laughing

KIerst- What??

Roc- Babe, you 17 & you said girl parts!

Kierst- Soo, that's what makes a girl a girl so it's a girl part!

Ray- Okay okay, guys stop laughing

The boys stop laughing.

Ziya- What y'all wanna do?

*A/N Angel left the bus just so you won't think she staying on the bus or anything*

Prince- How about the movies?

Everybody else- Yeah

Everybody except Diggy gets dressed because he was dressed when he came

----------At the movies

Roc- Babe, what movie you wanna see?

Kierst- TED!!

Roc- Alright. y'all wanna see Ted?

Everybody else- Nah

Roc- Okay well me & my baby gonna see Ted

Everybody else- Okay

Prod- Babe, what you wanna see?

Mani- Umm, Sparkle

Prod- Okay

They go to Sparkle

Ray- ZeeNasty, what you wanna see?

Ziya- The Odd Life Of Timothy Greeeeeen :)

They go in the movie

Prince- Then there was one, I guess I'll see that Batman

He goes in Batman

---------After the movies

They are back on the tour bus

KIerst- Ray, have you & Ziya fucked?

Ray looked like Wtf- Nope not I'm hoping to get lucky one day but I ain't rushing her, if she ain't ready then I'm okay with that.

Kierst- That's good! I just had to check about my daughter

Ray- She is in good hands ;)

Kierst- I know, step-son!

Kierst runs to the bathroom to throw up & continues to throw up for about 5 minutes, it's not regular throwing up it's more lke spitting up little bits of stuff

Roc- Babe, what's wrong?

Kierst- I don't know I was just talking to Ray then I had to throw up.

Roc- Do you think you pregnant?

Kierst- It could be a possibility....

Roc- Well let's go to the store to get a pregnancy test.

Mani- No need I got one.

Kierst- Why in the world do you have a pregnancy test?

Mani- It's in case of emergency!

Kierst- Okay, well I'm about to take it so back the hell up!

Roc- Fine then.

Kierst- Boy you know I love you

Roc- I love your sexy ass too!

Kierst- Roc, it says....

What is the resuslts??? Is KIerst pregant? If so, do you think she will have a boy or a girl? Why did Mani really have a pregnancy test? Next chapter there will be one or two more characters... if I remember LMAO! I love you guys... peace ouuuuut

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