Chapter 3

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“LIIIIIIAAAAAAAMMMMM!” I yelled giggling. Liam was charging toward the water with me in his arms. One thing was good though, I still had my shirt and shorts on so they hadn’t seen them yet. “Yes love?” He asked stopping on the sand. “Please don’t put me in the water.” I gave him my puppy dog eyes and his face softened. Much to the boys disappointment, Liam sighed chuckling and setting me back on my towel. The boys were talking so I took the opporotunity to strip down to my bathing suit. I sat my cloths in my bag and grabbed my phone, knowing it wouldn’t be long before the questions from these five boys poured in. Just like I suspected, Zayn opened his mouth and began the questions. “You have your bellybutton pierced?” He asked. I nodded fiddling with my belly ring and smiling at the memory of when I got it. It was just two weeks after I got it pierced.


“OH MY GOD! John! Why are we at the mall?!” I asked burying myself farther into the passenger seat of John’s two door pickup truck as we pulled up to the Mullinger mall. “Because, I want food, and you need to have at least one normal teen girl experience.” A sixteen year old John said to me with the thick country accent he possessed since he was from Texas. I groaned and rolled my eyes. “BUT I HATE THE MALL!” I said as John opened my door and dragged me out of the truck. At sixteen I was VERY stubborn. Come to think of it I always have been, and I still am. I’m a stubborn bitch but John doesn’t mind. “Oh please? For me? Besides, they have belly rings!” He said and I instantly perked up. I loved my new belly piercing and I was looking for a new ring for it. “Ok. But not for you. For food.” I said as he slid an arm around my waist. “That’s my girl!” He smiled. I rolled my eyes. We walked through the mall and John lead me to the jewelry store. “See.” He said gesturing toward the belly rings. We walked over looking through them. John found the most amazing one I had ever seen! It was a white heart with a red center. My favorite colors. “It’s so cute!” I said as John handed it over to me. He smiled at me with a look that said ‘I told you so!’. I rolled my eyes and we walked up to pay. John was at a loss for words when he saw the girl at the counter. She had waist length blond hair and crystal blue eyes. Apparently she was a fan of mine. “Oh my gosh! Your Annabelle James! I’m Brittney! I watch you on youtube! You’re amazing!” She was such a sweet heart!

“Thank you! You’re so sweet!”

“Thanks! Um, is your friend ok?”

“Oh yeah, he just thinks you’re hot.” John slapped my arm and Brittney giggled.

“Hey, how old are you?” I asked as she handed me my bag.

“I’m fifteen.” She said smiling.

“Cool! So would you like to go out with John sometime?” I asked her laying a hand on John’s shoulder. I knew I’d be in for it later.

“Sure!” She said smiling.


Two years later the two are still together. I smiled at the memory but my smile vanished when I realized I had zoned out. But that wasn’t the only thing the boys noticed. They noticed my tattoo’s as well. Oh shit, I’m in for it now!

“You have tattoo’s too?” Zayn asked in awe.

“Um, yeah..” I said unsure of what else I could say.

“What are they of?” Harry asked.

“Well this one,” I said pointing to my right side. “is a Marilyn Monroe quote.” It said ‘Imperfection is beauty, Madness is genius, and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.’ I had gotten it on my seventeenth birthday. “Then this one,” I said pointing to the four leaf clover on my ankle. “is so I never forget my roots.” I had gotten that on my sixteenth birthday. “Then this,” I said holding out my wrist so the boys could see the black music note on my right wrist. “is to never forget what I love the most.” The boys smiled at the fact that each tattoo I have has a purpose. I rolled over onto my stomach. Bad mistake! “What’s that one mean?” Louis asked referring to the tattoo on my back with the dates ‘3.8.92 – 7.10.03’, I felt the tears well up in my eyes and I bit my lip willing them not to fall. I rolled back onto my back looking at the five boys who’s faces fell when they saw me. “Um, can we please not speak about that right now?” I asked biting hard on my lower lip. The boys nodded, sympathetic looks on their faces. Liam wrapped his arms around me and I buried my head in his chest still refusing to let the tears fall. My phone blared with ‘Best Damn Thing’ by Avril Lavigne and I smiled knowing Brittney was calling me.

“Hey Brit!” I said squealing as she did the same. The boys covered their ears and I rolled my eyes. I put Brittney on speaker and set the phone on the sand.

“ANNA!” She squealed. I laughed at my girls weirdness.

“Right then what’s going on? Keeping John in line I hope.” She laughed and I heard John yell “HEY!” in the background and I laughed.

“No! You know he never listens to anyone other than you!” She giggled.

“True, true.” I said smiling.

“So are they as hot in person?” Brittney asked referring to the boys with her Texas accent. Yep, that’s right! She and John are BOTH from Texas and BOTH moved to Ireland. Weird right?

“Oh yeah, they’re really hot.” I said rolling my eyes at the boys smirks. I never lie to these two and I’m not going to start now! Even if it’s something this small.

“You’ll have to send pictures! By the way, I saw Louis’ tweet! You and Liam are SOOOOOOOOO cute!” I blushed and apparently, so did Liam.

“Brit, I just met the boy today! Besides, you know what happened last time.” I said getting really pissed at the thought of my asshole ex.

“Annabelle, I can tell you already, Liam is NOTHING like Jordan.”

“Just drop it Brit. The boys and I are at the beach, I’ll ring you later on, yeah?”

“Sure, bye lady leprechaun!”

“Later! Keep my Johny in line!”

“HEY!” John said. Brit and I giggled and we all exchanged goodbyes and ‘I love you’s and hung up.

“So we’re hot huh?” Louis said smirking.

“Some of you.” I said returning his smirk.

“Who would that be, then?”

“Like hell I’m ganna tell you!”

“I’ll work it out.”

“Uh huh, keep telling yourself that Lou. So boys, are we just ganna sit here or are we going in the water?” The boys all smirked and before I could work out what was happening, Niall had picked me up and was carrying me bridal style to the water. The boys followed, except Zayn, him not being able to swim and all. “NIIIIIALLLL! PUT ME DOWN YOU LEPRECHAUN!” The boys chuckled and Niall dove into the water still holding me. When we resurfaced Niall was still holding me but he was in hysterics.


“Yes love?” He asked still chuckling. I rolled my eyes as he sat me down in the water.

“You’re mean.” I pouted.

“Aw! I’m sorry! Can you forgive the leprechaun?” by now the boys had joined us in the water, except Zayn obviously.

“I’ll think about it.” I said and before he had time to react I swam out of the water and turned around sticking my tounge out at the immature blonde boy. Hell who am I kidding, I’m just as immature. I saw him chuckling and walked back over to my towel and to Zayn. “Evil leprechaun.” I said to Zayn as I sat next to him. He chuckled and threw an arm around me. “Hey Zayn-ey! SMILE!” I said turning my phone to Zayn and snapping a picture. I logged onto my twitter.

>@AnnabelleJamesMusic : I’m the nice one so im sat on the beach with my Zayn-ey soaking up the sun! little mr.ScaredOfWater ;) love you Zayn-ey! @onedirection #WaterPhobia :3<

Zayn chuckled and I leaned against him.

“So, you can tell me. Who do you like in the band?” I blushed at his question.

“I’m not sure yet. But I know I have feelings for someone…”

“Well, when you know, tell me. I won’t tell anyone.”

“I know Zayn. Thanks.”

“No problem babe.” He smiled. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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