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Date: 10. 12. 2018

The only thing I'm even mildly relieved about is that my classes are over and I no longer have lectures until January. What would suck the most is that I've got a year's worth of homework to be done in a month and that I have a test on the day after New Year's. 🙂 Consider this year's Christmas officially ruined. 🎄

So I was told on Thursday that I could then check my Forecast results to apply to universities and stuff at the office. All I can say is, I'm eligible to apply to any university of my choice. 🎉 I was extremely worried that I might have to narrow down my choices to suit my results if they were bad, but that's no longer the case and I'm glad. 🙈

That boils down to my next problem, though and it's applying for the right thing. I don't want to mess things up and you only get one try with these things. I mess things up and I'm going to be at home for a year unnecessarily. #prayformyfuture

As with writing, I've outlined the next chapter of Abscond—which is going to be good 🌚—and I've been reviewing my old short stories. They're good stories, I think, but they really do just need a little bit of cleaning up and they'll be ready to make a re-entry into this world.

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