can we meet?

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I feel my body lying on a hard floor

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I feel my body lying on a hard floor. The floor feels cold and empty and I try to open my eyes but I can't. All I am able to hear is my fast pounding heart. It pounds so fast, it nearly hurts.

I try again to open my eyes, I try as hard as I can and I feel panic rushing through me like poison when its starting to numb your body little by little.

When I open them I can't see anything. I feel someone's with me though, its like I can feel their stare floating over my body. Analysing my actions and my physical reactions to the situation. Right at that moment where I recognize a dark, tall silouhette the lights turn on.
A tall man stands in front of me, wearing a white coat with a name pinned to it. I can't make out the name though, its like my brain is numb too.
He comes closer and looks me straight in the eyes, he's so close that I can feel his minty breath tinggle my skin. I try to scream but there is no voice, no sound comes out of my mouth. He comes closer and says: "Ella can you hear me ? Brandon is that you? "

Brandon? Thats my name.
I open my eyes, sweat is dripping down my face and I breath heavily. It was just a dream Brandon calm down. What is that supposed to mean? Who was this doc? What was Ella doing there and why couldn't she scream or move ?
And why did he say my name the second time?

"Brandon? did you pack already?" a voice screams from down stairs. I guess its Carters voice but I' m not sure because I'm still in shock.

"Braaaandoo.." the voice continues screaming my name.

"No wait what ? Packing?" I interrupt the voice.

"Yes were leaving this evening, school starts tomorrow did you forget about that?" Carter answers.

No! School I really forgot about school.
But what about Ella? I have to tell her NOW.

I stand up as fast as I can, run to my clothes put something on real quick and head to the bathroom. I brush my teeth spray a little hairspray on my amazing looking hair and sprint downstairs.

"Hey, are you hungr.." Finn asks, standing by the kitchen table watching my every move like I'm an alien.
"Are you okay, I mean you're half.." he tries to ask me but I quickly answer "yes"
I don't answer tonthe rest but run out of the front door.
"Okay I gues not" he says as I leave.

I pound on Ella's front door. Sandra opens it and smirks on me. She's looking at me from the bottom to the top and says: "Couldn't find any pants today hmm?"

Wait what?

Omg I forgot to put on pants, I'm in my underwear.Great Brandon great.
I hold my hands in front of my 'best thing' and I feel myself blushing again.

"I.. Ehm I need to speak to Ella." I say to her .
She says nothing but gives me a pokerface stare.

"please..?" I continue.

"Ellaaaaaaaaaa" she screams in an heavy voice.

Ella comes down stairs and starts laughing as she sees my discomfort of not being in actual pants. Although she says nothing about that 'naked' situation.

"Hi Brandon, whats up ?" she asks and I can't help but blush AGAIN at her overwhelming beauty.

"I need your number" I say.

"wait what? my number?"she frowns.

"Eh yeah phone....number." I tell her sinking even more in discomfort.

"Okay sure, wait a sec." she answers and gives me a pleasing smile as she turns to get her phone.

"Its a new phone I saved my new number in it thats why I can't tell it you right away."

"Oh okay no problem"

"here just copy it." She gives me her phone with the number on the screen.

"Why do you need it?" she asks.

"We are leaving in a couple of hours because school starts tomorrow."

I can see her face sinking in disappointment.
"Oh okay." she says sadly.

"Buuut, if you want to, we could hang out for the last hours I'm still here." I ask her hoping she'll say yes.

"No, she can't today sorry Mister naked man" Sandra says, giving me a fake smile.

"Well I don't really recall asking you that question." I frown at her.

"Nope but I give you Ellas answer." She tells me, her nose up high.

"Ella?" I ask her.

She looks at the ground and says: "I.. Im sorry I can't.."

"But I really would like to talk to you about something." I tell her hoping she changes her answer into a yes sure Brandon I'd love to hang out with a beauty like you. No luck she turns and runs upstairs.

I'm devastated right now and I turn not saying anything and leave their frontdoor.
Sandra waves at me and yells : "Bye Brandii"
smiling proudly at her archievment.

Silly cow.

I go back inside my room and start packing mumbeling some curse words to myself while I rethink the situation that just happened.
I am down. I can't just drive home without making sure I see her again.
I have this dreams about her for month now and I just can't believe I found her and now I have to leave it ? No I won't.

I take my phone and call her.
The phone starts to ring and I feel how my blood starts floating my body like theres a hurricane about to come.
"Hello?" I hear her say on the other side.


"Brandon is that you?" she asks at my unability to say a word.

"Hey... ehm yes its me." Is say unsure of my self as I pull my hair a little to hard in my opinion.

"oh okay good you scared me a little."
"Why ?" I ask confused.

"Because you said nothing but I heard you breathing heavy, it reminded me on these horror movies where the stalker calls his victim." She says.

Really Brandon? heavy breathing well I think this is one of not so many things that I haven't already failed on.

"can we meet?" I ask her.

" in 5 minutes in the parking lot behind the trees." She says quickly and hangs up.

YESSSS thank you god.
I oack the rest of my things pretty fast and run out of the house to make my way to the parking lot.
I will tell her everything. I will take the risk.

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