Chapter 2

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second parrrrrrtttt. Thanks for reading loves <3

Chapter 2:

"I can't believe Cassie bought us tickets! I mean, switch mums with me? Mine barely let me go, she says they're 'dangerous.' Like, i'll be surrounding bu tons of screaming teen girls, what's gonna happen?" Danielle ranted to me as she dug threw her closet. It was 1 pm, we'd have to leave very soon.

  "I know! She's awesome!"

    "Should i wear this, or this?" Her first outfit choice was a grey, casual dress with a pair of Toms, and the second was a pair of black shorts, a tank top with Niall's face on it, and her Vans.
    "Second one."
    I had already picked out my outfit. I was wearing my neon blue skinny jeans, with my "I Love Zayn" shirt, and my black Converse. My long, brown hair was perfectly curled, and my bracelets were matched spot on.
   Dani slipped on the outfit, and as always, she looked perfect. We had already done our hair and makeup, we got up at 7 just to get ready.
    At about 1:30, we got into my car and drove to the venue. The line was already a mile long. We parked two blocks away, and walked.
   "I'm so tired of walking." Dani yelled.
    "We're almost there!" I said, even though i barely knew where we were headed.
    We walked for around 20 minutes until we actually showed up at the venue, but it was still only 2, and we had a long time to wait. We sat down on the sidewalk and fangirled, and talked to the girls around us.
    3, 4, 5 o' clock rolled by. Still sitting in the same line. Passing time was hard, I played about a million games on my phone, music, and rearranged my purse.. twice.
   It felt like days we spent in that line, but then at 6 the doors opened, and we all sort of piled inside. It took around 15 minutes until we were fully in the venue, and searching for our seats.
    We sat stood around, staring at the empty stage that would soon have our idols standing on it. It may not seem like a big deal, but in that moment, it was everything.
    And of course, we started to cry.
   "WE'RE LIKE NA NA NA, THEN WE'RE LIKE YEAH YEAH YEAH!" we sang out, staring at out boys. They just looked like they were having the best time. I imagined dating them, going on tour with them, kissing them, just being with them. It was fun to pretend, but i'd pretty much accepted the fact that getting to date them was near impossible.
    They played their songs, we sang along. The energy was just unbelievable. Nothing could bring us down.
    More than this started playing, and for just a second, i swear i made eye contact with Zayn. My heart dropped. Did he just smile at me? All of the sudden he sort of walked over to someone, probably management, not taking his eyes off me, or who i thought was me.
  I tried to tell Dani what i thought had just happened but she couldn't understand me.
    Save You Tonight played, then I Wish, then finally, Moments. We all took out our phones and waved them in the air.
    "Shut the door, turn the light off.." God, why is Liam's voice so beautiful?
    I was so into the song, i barely noticed the man in all black clothes tugging on my arm.
   I pulled away quickly
   "Who are you?" i shouted.
   "I'm from management. Zayn wants you to come backstage after the concert is over. Is that okay?"
    My whole body went numb.
    "Yes." i tried to shout, but it came out as more of a whisper.
    "Great, you can bring your fried too."
    I shook my head in awe. Things like this don't happen to people like me. I stared at the stage silently, thinking about what Zayn would ever want to do with me. I mean, i'm just me.
    The concert ended, and the same man in the black clothing came to get me and Danielle. When i explained to her where we were going, ahe bursted into tears.
    And when we finally got to their dressing room door, i stopped and thought about it. And i realized something.
    This is the end of me. This me, right now. Because up until the moment i walk through this door, i'll be somebody. I'll be noticed. I'll be the Marissa inside of me that was dying to get out.

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