Chapter 5~

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Chapter 5~

I untangled myself from our hug and spun around. The boys were getting they're mics adjusted and then they hopped on stage as the music started playing.

Emma and I look at each other and smiled. They were doing a cover for "What Makes You Beautiful". As they sung Em and I danced around backstage, getting strange looks from crew members. The boys were also amazingly good, I could've sworn it was the actual band playing. They finished they're song and came running towards us.

"so, how awesomazing were we?" Louis asks smugly putting his arm around my shoulder.

"great! We would've thought it was the real band up there!" Emma chants.

The boys exchange glances and burst out laughing. They laughed until they realized we weren't. They looked around before getting closer and Liam whispering

"Honey, we are the real band"


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