:Chapter Nine:

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❤ C H A P T E R   N I N E ❤

☮ Alex's P.O.V ☮

At the beach, it was beautiful, and Viola made it more gorgeous. I felt a weird feeling inside me, like little butterflies were in my stomach flapping their wings wildly at my sides. I knew I wanted to kiss her, but why was I this nervous, I mean we kissed in her room that one time, but this time, right now, I feel more insecure.

"Viola?" I asked trying to sound casual.

"Hmm?" She said looking up from her gaze at the sunset and into my eyes.

"K-Kiss me?" I suddenly felt more nervous than ever, I wanted to clutch my stomach and sit down, I wanted to get a paper bag and hyperventilate inside it. I gave up waiting for her response and bent down to smother my lips on hers. She kissed back after one second, we continued to kiss as the waves crashed on our feet and gave me small chills running down my spine. My lips were tingling and my heart felt at ease. I slipped both my hands around her waist and she put her arms around my neck and on my broad shoulders. 

I felt something different, than when I've kissed other girls....I felt......sparks.


☆ Viola's P.O.V ☆

I smiling as Alex played with my loose hair, taking a small sip of my left over sprite. We've only just been dating a few hours and now we're spending all possible time together. Austin's always at random friend's houses and going from girl to girl recently, so I get time to be with Alex and not get questioned where I was.

We both were kind of silent and I notice Alex's face looked a little troubled.

"Is everything okay?" I asked in a sweet tone of voice to make him perk up, he only kept staring into my eyes.

"I need to ask you something..." He said biting his bottom lip. "Are you in love with Austin?"

I choked on my sprite and choughed like crazy. Did I hear him correctly? I tried to reply the moment in my head.

"Are you in love with Austin?" Those words echoed in my head and I felt super dizzy.

"Viola?" I woke up from a daze. He was staring at me with a worried expression.

"What?" How could you think or even ask me something like that, Alex?" I snapped.

"Soooo...That's a no, yeah?" He said slowly.

"YEAH!" I yelled, almost makng myself jump too.

"I-I'm sorry, Viola. I didn't mean to upset you."

"It's alright." I mumbled sweetly with a smile. He smiled back and leaned towards, kissing me softly.


Alex drove me home and we walked together to the door. The sky was pitch black and only the moonlight shined down, making Alex's green eyes shimmer. The stars sparkled and there was a cold breeze.  

"Thanks for driving me home and to the beach." I say shyly looking down.

"Thanks for giving me one of the best nights of my life." He grinned as he wrapped his fit arms around my small waist. I casually slipped my arms around his neck pulling his closer to my face. He smiled like a idiot and kissed me. We kissed, hell no, we made out! He opened his mouth and I allowed his tongue entry. Fireworks blasted it felt like. My lips tingled and we kissed until we were out of breath.

He smiled and whispered, "I love you." Then returned to the kiss. I raised and bended my leg behind me like I was in one of those romantic movies.

"I love you too." I said after breaking the kiss. He winked at me as he pulled me through the door.. He opened the door and let out a loud sigh, smiling like crazy. Oh My God! How did I fall for him so quickly!? What a beautiful life.  


☮ Alex's P.O.V ☮

Tonight's date with Viola had gone amazing! There is something about her that made my heart skip a beat when she smiled, and knowing I'm the one who caused that smile, could just stop my heart all together!  

We went back to hers and crashed on her bed. I stripped into my boxers and a random T-shirt and climbed into her bed....


To be continued.....

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