Chapter 12- Lindsey & Louis*

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Lindsey’s POV

Fuck yes. Fuck yes. Fuck…YES.

The feeling of Louis’ heated lips sucking on my skin has white hot pleasure blinding me. I’m left absolutely speechless, my hands moving from his hair to grip the white bed sheets that I’m laying on. He’s on top of me, but his weight barely there- he’s using both his legs to straddle my hips and hold himself up.

“You look so sexy…” Louis mumbles, sloppy kisses trailing across my chest. I tilt my head to the side and spot my pile of clothes on the floor next to the door.

“I’m jealous of your clothes.” I whisper, turning to take in his disheveled appearance. I know that sentence was mainly concocted from the mix of lust and alcohol, but it was partially truthful. His clothes hug his body so tightly…I want to hugging him that close.

He sits back on his heels and wiggles his eyebrows at me. Nervous laughter escapes as I prepare myself for the little strip-tease unfolding in front of me. His fingers undo his shirt’s buttons painfully slow, stopping every once in a while to brush his fringe out of his eyes.

When there are no more buttons to tease me with, he slides it back off his shoulders, his eyes darkened with lust. His pupils are huge and the bulge in his pants is quite distracting. My hands are shaking with anticipation as they reach out and unbutton his trousers. Louis’ breathing stops for a long second as I pull down the zipper. I let him handle it from there, happy to just sit back and watch him work.

As he slips the trousers off with his boxers, I keep my eyes locked with his. But when he turns to grab a condom, I let my eyes flicker down to take in the side view of his huge dick and wonderful ass.

“Staring isn’t polite.” Louis scolds when he turns to see what’s caught my attention. He throws the condom down beside me and leans down over me to steal a passionate kiss.

“Neither is fucking me.” I say, my hands moving to run from his shoulders to his abs and back up.

“Guess we’re not polite people then…” He chuckles. Who knew it was possible to be so hot and witty at the same time? Our talk bores me though, so I flip us over and take charge. I push my tongue in his mouth as I sit on his stomach, my long hair dangling down on him. He lets me be in control for a second. Being in control excites me, but when his tongue fights against mine, eventually winning, and when his hands grip my thighs tightly to say whose in really in control…that excites me even more.

“It’s illegal to be this sexy.” He breaths against my mouth. One of his hands push me a little so he can roll back on top.

“Then arrest me, officer.” I say. I try to make it seductive, but feel silly saying it. Louis seems to like it though because next he pins my hands above my head with one hand, using the other to trail down my body, stopping at my waist.

His blue eyes stare deeply into mine as I move my legs apart for him to place himself between them. The hand on my waist moves and he skillfully opens the condom with a little help from his teeth. My eyes watch him put it on himself, a little whine coming from the back of my throat.

“Hurry up.” I whisper desperately.

Finally, he does. Before I can tell him again, he’s ramming himself in my heat. The very first thrust puts him balls-deep in. My back arches with shock at the pain. It takes my breath away, but in the weirdest way, I love the pain of it. He’s waiting for me to get accustomed to his length, but I urge him to move.

“You sure?” Lou asks, surprised.

“I want it to hurt a little.” I nod, doing my best not to be embarrassed. I’m being fucked by Louis Tomlinson…may as well enjoy it as much as possible.

“Should have realized you were the rough type, Lindsey…”

With that said, he gives me exactly what I want. Even as he’s thrusting into me fast and deep, all I can think is ‘harderharderharder.’ Small little moans start out, soon turning into shouts, then screams of his name as I’m built up of pleasure. Coherent thoughts are impossible at this point.

As I reach my climax, my hands are around his neck, my legs wrapped around his waist, and my throat is about to break from being so vocal. Louis is giving out strangled breaths, saying how amazing this is, how sexy I am, and how it’s the best way to start the New Years.

So yes, I had rough sex with Louis on New Years in a stranger’s bedroom. As we lay next to each other afterwards, and I’m looking into his exhilarated blue eyes, I smile. If someone were to ask me if I’d keep the outcome of this New Years the same, I know what my answer would be:

Fuck yes.

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