Chapter 3

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I looked over to Dylan. Wow. Somebody was mad. Anyway it was easy for Paul,and I to choose our songs. We already knew a lot about each other. We used to go out so... Anyway after a while it was time to present. I got my phone out to get my song out. See Mrs.Jaquez is so cool she told us to use our phones to play the song. Dylan,and Jackson went first. Now its my turn.

"As everybody knows Paul,and I has a history so i chose the song... Dont Forget by Demi Lovato." I pressed play. "I loved it while it lasted,and I wont forget I just hope you dont." I looked at Dylan,his face was emotionless. After the song,i sat down.

Paul walked up. "Wow. I chose Demi Lovato too." He chuckled,then looked at me. "Dimond I chose the song Get back,by DL." He pressed play.


"I realized I was wrong to leave you,and I just want it to be us again." He looked at Dylan. "Unless you stop us."

I looked over Dylan. He was furious. I looked at Paul who was smirking.

"Mrs.Brown,and Mr.Richardson go take this outside." Mrs.Jaquez.

We went out.

"Look," I started "I dont want my heart broken again."

"I wont break it again. I love you." He held my hand.

I grabbed on to the doorknob "Well I dont love you....anymore." I turned, my back facing him.

His next words were unbelivable.

"Why? Do you love Dylan?"

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