Chapter 4

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I quickly peered down the long stone corridor before summoning Sora, one of my six paths. 

"Sora I need you to watch for any guards. If you see any flood the hallway that they are in so I can escape without being stopped." I comanded her. She nodded and I quickly turned the corner towards the exit. Right as I pushed open the door I heard a rush of water as I quickly undid my weights and ran as hard as I could to the closest village. I think it was the Village Hidden in the Sand or the Village Hidden in the Leaves. 

I jumped into the treetops hoping it will make travling easier than dodgeing all the roots and trees. I masked my chakra so it would be harder for Orochimaru to find me. I gasped when I almost fell through the trees when i over jumped and skipped a branch. I quickly grabbed onto the next branch and spun my hands around it and let go landing on the next branch. I continued running until I saw a huge gate up ahead and felt hundreds of chakra signitures. I slowed down and approached the gates looking for a indication as to which village i was at. 

I walked over to the guard booth to ask where I was until I noticed they were asleep. I rolled my eyes and shook one of them awake. 

"What buissness do you have with konoha?" The man questioned after he realised I woke him up. 

"I would like to speak to youre kage about living here." 

"INZUMO! Take her to the Hokages office." He screamed as he pushed the other one out of his chair.

"Why me?" He asked grumpily as he stood up.

"Because you were sleeping." 

"And you wernt Kotesu?" 

"JUST TAKE HER TO THE HOKAGES!" Kotesu yelled at him. 

"Fine." Izumo muttered under his breath as he lead me through the gates. I looked around taking in every detail I could felling deja vu. I saw smiling people and small food stands. I saw what i think is a ninja acadamy. There was a large monument with four faces carves into it that i smiled at. 

"Hey Inzumo who are those four people up there?" I asked pointing to the monument. 

"Those are the Hokages. The first and second Hokages helped build the leaf village and train many ninjas. The fourth Hokage gave his life protecting the village from the nine tailed fox. And the third Hokage is holding the office right now. He has given many people a life in the leaf with protection from enemy shinobi." he recieted as he pointed out each one as we approached a large building that I assumed was the Hokages office. 

I followed the gate guard up the winding steps around the building working out in my mind what I was going to tell him. I finally decided to leave out the part about Orochimaru out. Inzumo opened the door and led me into a large office with a old man sitting behind the desk puffing on his pipe. 

"Yes Inzumo?" The man questioned, who I assumed who was the Hokage. 

"This girl has requested to reside here in the leaf village Hokage-sama. She did not pose a threat when she approched the gates and she requested that she speak to you." Inzumo answered and bowed quickly when he finished. 

"Very well Inzumo, you are dismissed." Inzumo nodded and bowed again before disappearing in a puff of smoke. 

"Welcome to The Village Hidden in the Leaves. I am the Third Hokage, leader of this village. What is your name young one." he asked. 

"My name is Emiri Hikari." 

"Hikari? Where is your Rinnegan Emiri?" He questioned. 

"I inherited a special gene that allows me to hide it." i quickly unveiled my Rinnegan so he could see what I meant.  

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