Chapter Thirty-Two: Good morning, my love.

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Chapter Thirty-Two: Good morning, my love.

Thursday Morning.

LYDIA groaned as an annoying ringing noise rang throughout the bedroom. Much to her surprise, it wasn't her alarm clock, it was her phone.

She heard George let out a groan before she felt his arms loosen around her waist so she could reach her phone. Swiping across the phone screen Lydia put the person on loudspeaker.

"Lydia! I have-" that's all Lydia let Angie say before she ended the call. Damn it, Angie!

Sneaking a glance a George, Lydia let out a deep breath. He didn't seem to be wary of what the young girl had said, instead a grin spread across his face.

"Too much to handle in the morning huh?" George asked, smiling down at the girl who makes his heart skip a beat. She looked like a deer caught in headlights though it was only because of Angie screaming. Or so he thought.

Nodding, Lydia jumped out of bed and told George that she'd go buy some snacks before they hit the road. She knew that he hadn't started packing and didn't know what to pack so, she gave him a hint as she walked out of the ensuite bathroom, dressed for the day ahead.

"Pack comfortable and for a few days," she told him with a smile, making her way towards him.

George was still wrapped up in the blankets but was propped up on his pillows. Grabbing Lydia's waist gently, George pulled her towards him till she sat on his lap. "I love you," he mumbled placing a kiss on her forehead before taking the hat from her hands and placing in on her head.

"I love you, George." Lydia smiled, letting her hands trace patterns onto his bare chest, over his heart.


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