Chapter 3

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                                                                      CHAPTER  3

"A death?" Firestar asked. The two cats from Windclan, Bramblefoot and Gazeclaw had been escorted to the Thunderclan's leader's den after the hunting patrol had heard the news. "Yes, Firestar. Our medicine cat Streakberry had died at dawn mysteriously, and we have went to every clan asking if they knew or had anything to do with it. All of them said no, so what about your clan?" Bramblefoot said, with a very stern face.

"Are you acussing Thunderclan of murder?" Thornclaw yelled. Brambleclaw shot his tail in front of Thornclaw, signalling him to be quite. 

"No! Were just very curious, because not only can our apprentice medicine cat find a problem, but we can't find anything wrong with anything anywhere that could've done this. And When we found her body, she was asleep in her nest, with no marks or anything," Gazeclaw informed.

"Hm, that is very strange. Mayeb our medicine cat Jayfeather could find out the problem." Firestar said. "If you'd like I could send Jayfeather and some warriors to come and inspect the body," he added. 

"..very well, come on let's get going," Bramblefoot said. He stopped at the den's end, turned, and looked at Firestar. "We'll be waiting at the bramble screen for your medicine cat and warriors," he told Firestar, then he walked out. Firestar nodded, then turend to the warriors who were in the den with him.

"Brambleclaw, Thornclaw, I want you two to check our territory and try and see if anything unusual is in the woods near our northern side, and Sandstorm, Lightpaw, and Dragonpaw. You three need to go to near our Windclan and Shadowclan borders and look for anything strange. I want our clan to be safe, because anything, or anycat could've done this." Firestar ordered.

"Yes, Firestar," the warriors said in unison. They dispanded and headed out. 

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