"Your what!? When?! How?!?!" I asked, freaking out.

"Im going to England." Ted said, calmly taking a sip of his coffee.

"When!" I asked.

"Tomarrow night. Im going to take a plane and see your family. Oh, by the way, your parents names are Karen and Geoff, and your siblings are Ruth and Nicola, your twin is of course, Liam."

"Why!" I asked, ignoring his last statment.

"Because your real family have been looking for you for 18, almost 19, years. They need to know." He said.

"But now, so soon? I just moved in with Kayla, I just graduated, my mom -I mean, Sara-  just died! What about my college?" I asked, thinking of Julliard.

I apllied to Julliard a little past the due date. I havent gotten a reply yet, but I still have a little sliver of hope.

"Liana, dont you want to see your real family?" Ted asked.

Yes. More than anything. I have so many questions, so many stories, people I want to know. "Of course." I said.

"Then Im going to England." Ted said, putting his coffee cup down. Final answer.

Urg!! "How can you even meet them, like how do you know them and stuff?" I asked, confusing myself.

"This case is one of the biggest in the world." He pulled out a paper and handed it to me. I gasped. The paper had a picture of me, well, a picture similar to me. 'Have you seen me?' was written in big, bold letters on top of the paper, and a description of what they think I would look like at age 17.

"Wow. How did... how did you get this?" I asked, staring at the picture in wonder.

"Like I said, this is a major case. I will call the Payne's later and tell them I have some news about you, then visit them and tell them the good news." Ted said.

"How did they get the picture so right?" I asked. It was my eyes, my face, my smile. The only thing a bit different was the hair.

"Well, Liam is your twin brother. They just took his head and added long hair." Ted chuckled.

"Oh." I said.

It was quiet for a moment.

"Um, if you dont mind, can you bring that box of pictures and video with you?" I asked. "I want them to see as much of my life as they can."

"Of course I will. If you want, you can bring the box home and fill it with more stuff, and deliver it to me tomarrow before I leave." He said, handing me the box.

"Ok." I said, standing up.

"Thanks for bringing this to me." Ted said, holding up the letter and file.

"No problem. Oh, can I tell anyone, like Kayla, yet? Im mean, I want to talk to someone about this." I said, feeling that emptiness in my heart, like I just lost a whole life. I was supposed to have a different life, a life in Britian.

"Sure. Have your aunt come in with you tomarrow, when you drop off the box." Ted said.

My heart went to the bottom of my stomache. I am so frickin nervous about telling Kayla, Jack, and Sierra.

"Ok. See ya tommarrow." I said, leaving his office. I smiled at the lady at the front desk and walked out the doors to my car. I got in my ratty old pickup truck and pulled out my cell phone and texted Kayla.

'hey kayla, are ya home? i have something to tell you.'


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