Hello fans,

I am very sorry that I am not uploading as often as you would like. 

I am only 14 and am in high school and I have a lot more important things to worry about.

Anyway, if anyone would like anything to happen in my book, don't hesitate to ask me to put it in (But please message me so it will be a surprise for other readers).

I should update in 2 weeks and it should be a long chapter(hopefully anyway).

I have started to write my other book "The Female Player" too, but I won't start publishing it until next month or October... I might post a sneak peak soon, but the book won't fully begin till next month.

If anyone has any questions, please ask me and I will answer them personally or in another Authors Note.

I think that's about it (I'm in class right now, being totally rebel)

Oh and please take a look at the new book that I have written with one of my best friends Zali and please fan @Zarah_Sisters

The book is a One Direction fan fiction and is called "Not Your Average Fairytale"

Now I'm done

Please remember to Vote, Comment and Fan

Love Sarah <3

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