Interview W/ makeandoffer

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1.) How did you find out about Wattpad…?

googled a teacher student story because i got fed up of quizilla, which needs to be shot in the face, and baaaam, hello wattpad.

2.) Can you relate to any of your stories…?

in a way i can relate to every one of them because a lot of the stuff that happens in them is based on real life, either mine or a friends.

3.) What are your hobbies…?

in basically every interview the only hobby i can think of is drinking. does this make me a bad person?

4.) Are you more of a reader or writer…?

both to be honest. i love reading because its someone elses idea or imagination you are getting lost into, but i love writing because everything that happens is completely up to you.

5.) What is your favorite story on Wattpad…?

one day you wont resist me. such an awesome writer, plot and its hilarious. and the guy is played by jensen ackles. always a win there.

6.) What inspired you to write this story…?

i dont really know, all my stories have different plots really. ii mean ones a drug lord assasin thing, ones about a guy coming out of prison, ones about a ghost and the other is about a teacher student thing. i guess its just anything that pops into my head that i can milk into a lot of chapters hahaa

7.) Did you ever thing your story would become this popular…?

not in a million years. i thought i would get about 20 reads and that would make me ecstatic, then i got like a thousand plus and i was bouncing off the freaking walls!

8.) Any messages for your fans…?

I LOVE YOu ALL! without you, i wouldnt write. its that simple.

9.) Do you plan to make a career as a writer…?

to be honest i dont think so, because i just dont know what to do to go about it. and plus, i dont think my books would do well outside of the wattpad community. i like it in this safe little orange buble! :L

10.) What story did you have the most fun writing and why…?

probably illegal my @#!*% now because its R rated so i do not have to hold back on anything.

11.) Which one of your characters from one of your stories do you resemble the most…?

probably Mia to be honest, just not as much of a @#!*% and not quite such an alcoholic hahaa

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