Launch Night

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He wasn't exactly sure how he'd managed to blag his way into the show really. One minute he was sitting on his bed with his mate Stan deciding whether or not to go out that night and the next he was filling in a form online to be a contestant in the 2014 big brother, he blamed it on the fact he was far from sober.

After auditions that he didn't even take seriously, he was here on the launch night about to enter the house and be stuck inside with fifteen other housemates that he'd most likely hate and annoy the hell out of and he was honestly completely lost at how it was all happening to him.

Louis was sat in the back of the car ready to walk into the house and he'd never been so nervous. From what he'd always remembered from watching the show, there were loads of people outside it, loads of pictures and then of course the cameras filming him. His palms were sweating and his leg just wouldn't stay still.

If Louis was anything, he was a great actor. So when the door opened to let him out, he plastered on a smile and looked about in wonder. There was a crowd, all eyes on him. A voice was announcing things in the distance, probably introducing him but Louis couldn’t hear anything over the screams.

Flashes from cameras blinded him as he walked along the carpet towards the stairs he had to climb. He smiled around at everyone reaching out to run his hands along a group of people leaning over a barrier who all screamed loudly. Apart from his heart having moved to his throat, he was surprisingly taking it well. Sure, it was overwhelming but Louis liked attention. He walked up the stairs towards the house that would be his home for the next few weeks.

Turning back to the crowd he gave a large, eager grin and waved hearing screams and a chant of ‘Louis’ begin. Well, this was certainly a confidence boost if ever there was one. He saw on one of the large screens a picture of him from the interview he’d done. His name was in large purple letters and there were his likes and dislikes printed under it.

The doors opened and Louis turned his back on the loud audience and gave a steadying breath before walking through them, nerves and excitement flowing through him, he smiled as he walked down the stairs and into the small lobby. He took a deep breath before walking into the house itself and stopping dead.

"You have to be kidding me" He muttered looking around at the dingy looking house, he could remember watching the show last year and it being a modern looking house with all the necessities. Here the oven looked old and like it would hardly work, instead of sofas there was a circle of hay bales and there was a crack in one of the windows.

He walked further into the room, it wasn't small, being needed for sixteen people, there was a dining table, which looked to be made from driftwood, long with peeling paint on it. Every chair was different and looked ready to collapse and Louis felt sorry if there were to be a bigger housemate.

He walked into the bedroom to see the floor covered in different sized mattresses on the floor covered in tatty looking blankets. The room itself was huge and the walls were adorned with rather hideous wallpaper that Louis couldn't help but grimace at but continued on his tour into the bathroom.

It had a double shower in it and a single on the other side, there was urinals and a toilet as well as three basins, it looked like the only decent place in the whole building, he assumed there would be a downside to it.

He hummed and walked back out into the bedroom, no-one had come in yet so he walked into the main area and over to the doors leading outside, he peered from the glass and whistled lightly, now that was more like it.

There was a pool and a rather nice sized courtyard garden that was possibly his favourite bit about the house. There was an alcove labelled 'smoking area' which had a bench in it, not that Louis smoked, much (His mum was watching and he had to at least be a bit of a role model for his sisters).

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