Chapter 4

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Knock knock.

" Ellie!!! Get your lazy ass up! "

I moaned as I got up to open my door. I rubbed my eyes and the light peeked through the door.

" What do you want? " I croaked out.

" You have to get ready for Matildas birthday house party " she said while blowing on her wet lime green nails.

Oh great, I have too see Kyle. I havent seen him in 2 weeks. I need to come up with an excuse.

" Uh, I dont feel good. " I said letting out a small, very fake cough.

" Too bad little snitch, youre going. Youre lucky you even got invited to a senior party anyway.." she shouted walking back down the hall.

2 hours later, I was standing infront of my mirrior admiring myself. I was wearing a low cut black, thick strap tank with a navy blue floral bandue from Forever 21 under it, faded jean shorts and my hair straight as a board. My sister barged in and looked at and smiled. She was wearing a white sun dress with tan wedged heels.

" You actually look pretty " she said crossing her arms and leaning against my teal wall.

" Can we go now? " I said spraying my victoria secret body splash all over me and grabbing my black Toms.

" Oh god. Could you use anymore? " she said holding her nose and fanning the air in front of her.

" Hardy har har " I said as I grabbed my phone. I unlocked it while buckling my seat belt. As my sister starts down the road, I see a text from Kyle.

Kyle <3: Hey, are you comming to mats party? I really miss you and want too see you.

He was making my stomach toss and turn. I relized that I missed my bestfriend, and my crush. I replied back, " Were pulling up now, see you in there. Miss you more! "

I look up too see people everywhere, holding their red solo cups, grinding to the loud music. We get out and I hear my sister yell something along the lines of " have fun " " be safe " or whatever. I break through the outside crowd into the house. I grab a water bottle and sit next to a couple making out. I look over and the girl says to me, " dont watch us you little freak "

I looked back and said  " the least you could do is get a room " rolling my eyes. I pull out my phone and see a missed text from Kyle. It said for me too meet him by the pool. I grabbed my water bottle and practically ran to the pool area. There he was. Sitting there. Holding hands with Daniel Clark. My jaw drops as he waves for me to come over and sit with them.

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