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After heading out for a girls night out, we finally decided to hit the club. Whoooo! Party! Ha! No, I don't do clubs. The only good thing about them was the bar, & well that was where I now found myself. The girls were dancing REALLY close with some lads. They were cute but not a 10. Still, not bad for a hit and run, eh! Me on the other hand, had no luck getting a guy to at least notice me. Oh well, who cares! As long as I had my alcohol, everything was okay. I had ay least 3 beers now & ALOT of shots. I lost count after 5. "Slow down there, don't wanna pass out", an unfamiliar voice chuckled behind me. "Erm, okay dad!", I sarcastically replied. "Harharhar, you're a funny one. Aren't you?" This idiot. I had no interest in continuing with the conversation. "I'm Jay by the way", he spoke as I turned to face him. He wasn't that bad looking. Okay, fine, he was hot! H-O-T, hot! He had the most gorgeous curls you could imagine & blue eyes that you could just loose yourself in. "Jo-Joseline", I managed to spit out. "So can I buy you a beer?" Was he serious? I would never turn down an offer of free beer.

The next morning my head was killing me. I felt like just dying. Half asleep I tried remembering the events that went down last night. Everything was a blur. As I was struggling to get off my bed, I felt someone move besides me. Fuck! What gorilla did I bring home, now? I poked him to check if he was still alive."Hey, you have to go." He turned around, curls on his face. Oooo la la i brought home a hottie. Win! "Right, last night was great by the way." The hell? No, I am not the type to have one night stands. Realizing that i was fully clothed I gave him a puzzled look. "Don't worry, we didn't do anything.",he smirked. "Thank god!...It's not that i wouldn't shag you, because i would. You're stunning & all, but I'm not those type of girls. Not that there's anything wrong with them" I'm such an idiot. I couldn't stop babbling & i was pretty sure he lost all interest in me at that moment. I for one, wouldn't blame the kid.

Once Jay gathered his things, he left. I was now left alone in the flat. The girls had to take an exam early in the morning & wouldn't be back until later that day. So for now, I was left with my thoughts. Pieces of last night were still a blur. I would just have to wait for the girls to get home inorder to get some answers.

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