Chapter 4

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Ethan is now allowed to have visitors. Only close relatives, but of course my family is an exception. We may as well be a big huge family. Our parents may not be very close but all the kids fit together like peanut butter and jelly.

I walk into his room and see him laying there. He looks lifeless. Ethan was in the back seat when the car hit them. Apparently his head was rocked forward and hit the passenger seat. He had bleeding in his brain. The doctors did a surgery to release the pressure forming in his head. Now all we can do is wait to see if he ever wakes up from his coma. I decide to walk over and read him a book. When we were little me and Sarah always tried to teach him to read. That never worked so we ended up just reading it to him.

"Once upon a time there was three little pigs..." I trailed off thinking about he may never wake up until I felt a small squeeze on my hand.

He looked up to me and said "This story again?" I squealed like a little girl and called for a doctor. I'm sosososo happy!! After all this worrying my little Ethan is back! Just going into fifth grade this year he always knew how to make me happy.

A doctor came in smiling and started to check his vitals. The rest of the family also came in talking to him and saying how happy they were until he fell into a sleep that now we are positive he will wake up from.

Because Ethan is now up and doing good we all had to go back to school. School. I am dreading it but his morning I woke up to a alarm clock blaring the song I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry. Me and Sarah's favorite song.

After breakfast I walked outside to see Sarah on her phone leaning against the car.

"Hey. How is Ethan"

She smiled at the thought of him and said "Good he is coming home tomorrow!!"

"Seriously! Thats amazing!" I can't wait to see him again.

"Yeah and his whole class made him get well cards. Fifth graders are so sweet."

"So are you looking forward to school today?" I asked hopping in the car.

"Nope not at all. Honestly I thought about playing sick."

"Great minds think alike then." I murmured. If only we could skip... No! We can't that is really wrong!

"I just don't want to go face a bunch of people who I barley know saying how sorry they are and all that other bullshit!" damn. She was seriously livid! I feel the way she does. I mean all today is going to be is accepting apologies.

"Its okay, I know it's going to be a horrible day. Let's get through it. Together." As I said the last word I pulled her in for a hug. She didn't resist at all.

"Casey, you really are the best friend someone could have." I was about to say something back but I saw Nolan walk by in the corner of my eye.

"Go after him, I'm not stupid" She said with a grin.

I walked up to him and said "Hey you"

I swear I saw his face light up from a shade of grey to bright pink. Oh gosh. I think I'm falling for him. I know I liked him for the past few years so I'm not surprised but this hit me like a train.

"I heard about Ethan." he smirked "So I guess that's a good enough excuse to blow me off."

"Oh my gosh, I'm SO sorry!" I mentally face palmed myself. Why didn't I call him!!??

"Nolan I feel so super bad!" I really want to crawl under a rock and sleep away the rest of my life."

"It's fine. But I need to tell you something..."


-DUN DUN DUN hmmmm? Sorry for being so mean. Mwahahaha:)

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